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Winners Announced For Amp Human 1000km Strava Challenge

The winners of the Amp Human 1000km Challenge have been announced, Bicycling Australia Strava Club riders who saddled up for the challenge between Christmas Day and midnight on January 26.

Bicycling Australia / Amp Human 1000km Challenge Winners 

1: Tim Searle, Coffs Hbr 4000+ kms

2: ‘Mr Energiser’, South Australia 1000+

3: Dave Grimes, Sydney 1000+

4: Monique Hitter, Sydney 1000+

5: Aiden Heke, Sydney 1000+

6: Alec McEwan, Lake Macquarie 1000+

7: Davin Harding, Adelaide 1000+

8: Sarah Schneider, Sydney 1000+

9: Stephanie Van Amerongen, Perth 1000+

10: Byron Mitchell, Geelong 1000+

11: Troy Collett, Adelaide 1000+

12: James Gilmore, Annandale 1000+

13: Daz Izazz Haynes, Adelaide 1000+

14: Koa Sports Greg McDermott, Sunshine Coast 1000+

15: Kevin Biffiger, Gold Coast 1000+

16: Ged Finegan, Sydney 1000+

17: Trudy Marquardt, Raby NSW 1000+

18: Shaun Francis, Melbourne 1000+

19: Sharlene Harding, Adelaide 1000+

20: Brent Ducker, Brisbane 1000+

Congratulations to the winners and all who took part in the first-year challenge. A popular event, Bicycling Australia plan to make it an annual fixture on the cycling calendar.

Winners should contact, by 5pm Friday 26 February 2021, for prize arrangements to be made.

Earlier: Amp Human and Bicycling Australia are proud to debut an intense Christmas holiday cycling challenge.

Ride 1000km between Christmas Day and Australia Day to complete the challenge. The first 20 riders to log 1000 kilometres will score Amp Human PR Lotion Gift Packs, and entry is simple.

The first 20 riders to complete the challenge score the Amp Human PR Lotion gift packs that include –

* Amp Human PR Lotion 300g Bottle plus a 5 pack of sachets.

* An Amp Human Water Bottle.

* An Amp Human Buff.

* Delivery within Australia.

  • ‍All those who complete the challenge will be listed in the feature article in Bicycling Australia’s next print edition & online.

Top 5 ‘Amp Human 1000 Strava Challenge’ Tips

Prepare: Warm up, stretch & prepare your body for the ride ahead. Amp Human is a proven pre & post workout lotion and for best results should be applied directly to relevant muscles groups such as quads, calves & glutes. It unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb to assist preparation and recovery. Purchase via the Amp Human store on Bike Exchange

Pace: Plan out your month, break the total number of kilometres into manageable chunks. Recovery is as important as exercise so make sure you schedule in some rest days.

Recover: Ensure you take care of your body after each ride. We have been using Amp Human over recent months and can attest to its recovery benefits … it really does help relax tired muscles and help prepare you for the next day out.

Ride: Let’s face it, 2020 has been a shocker. What better way to put the year behind than by spending quality time out on the bike.

Enjoy: Most of all, enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction that comes with achieving your goal. 

Questions? Leave your questions or comments below and for more info visit the Amp Human store on Bike Exchange








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