Cyrano Bull

Fizik Cyrano Handlebars

Fizik have new handlebars, stems and seatposts due out in late 2013; the Cyrano range. Most handlebar brands offer a range of sizes widths and drops to accommodate various riders, but how do you know what’s right for you?  There are some rough guides to width selection out there but as choosing handlebar shape, drop and reach there’s not currently much information about selecting an item will suit you best.

Fizik have expanded upon the ‘spine’ marketing concept they have used recently featuring the ‘snake’ ‘bull’ and the ‘chameleon’. They claim to have found a clear correlation between saddle shape and bar profile of various riders, and their new products are designed to work with the saddles already on the market. ‘Snakes’ may appreciate the longer reach and deeper drop items (85mm reach and 140mm drop) as they are able to get low and aero more comfortably, while a ‘bull’ with lower flexibility will probably find the shallower drop (130mm) and shorter reach (80mm) unit a better choice. The bars range in price from $119 for aluminium, to $419 for the 175g hi-modulus carbon bars.

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Cyrano Chameleon

Cyrano Snake

Cyrano Bull


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Cyrano Bull

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