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Kuat NV Rack

First impressions of this rack were of its considerable weight (23kg) and the anodized orange parts splashed across the unit. Initially I wondered if people would actually get rack envy at the sight of this brute. 

It’s certainly well constructed and the high standard of overall quality is clearly evident in clean welds, paint finish and the way the unit fits together so snugly. Initial assembly is quite simple and a large allen key is provided along with spare keys for the hitch lock and cable locks. 

The spine of the unit slips into hitch style towbars and any slack is effectively removed with the adjusting knob; you can see in your rear vision mirror there’s absolutely no sway or wobble in the unit or bikes as you drive along. 

Two bikes maximum are easily cradled in the NV rack. A down spec version, the NV Core, without the locks and flashy annodised parts but retaining the solid build quality is also available. If you need to transport more than two bikes you can purchase the NV extension, a separate unit that takes the NV’s capacity from two to four bikes. Locking them in place is done in a flash—and all without touching the paint or frame of your bike. The bikes are secured with a simple but ingenious hooked arm that swings over the front wheel and then slides down to clamp the front wheel down in the cradle, while a single tough plastic ratchet strap holds the rear wheel down. That’s it. The arm provides support to stop the bike falling either way. The spring-loaded hook is released by pressing a button at the top of the arm.  Wheel sizes from 20-29” and tyres up to 3” diameter are accommodated with ease and total weight capacity is a hefty 54kg. 

Accessing the tailgate of the vehicle is simple as the unit folds forward, and when not in use folds up to minimise its footprint. There’s a handy bike repair stand that mounts on the rack itself included for last minute tweaks away from home. 

Rear mounted bike racks are a great way to transport bikes by car. They can however obscure the taillights and or number plates of your vehicle and laws differ from state to state regarding their use, so you should check the legal requirements for compliance with your state motor registry office before use. 

RRP: $750 (inc freight)

Distributed by: Blue GlobeAlliance


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Gardosa Evo GunMetal

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