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LifeProof Phone Case

The Lifeproof is a great insurance plan for your phone. Slimline and with a matte finish that is grippy enough in your hand yet wont snag in your pocket, Lifeproof cases are waterproof to two metres for one hour. The join around the edge of the phone has a rubber ‘o’ ring and the two halves snap and hold together with enough force to provide a good seal. The clear panel over the screen allows easy vision and contributes very minimal loss of sensitivity – I didn’t find it compromised function of the phone at all. Equally the camera lens is high grade with low refractive index (i.e. it is very clear) and wont detract from your photos or videos. Charging is simple with no need to remove the phone from the case; the connection to the charging socket is made via a small hinged port which has a separate seal. This opening in the case is just the right size for a genuine apple plug which is great, but it may not allow slightly bulkier generic chargers in. The dock adaptor is an easy solution.

Case RRP: $79.99

Dock adaptor RRP: $29.99


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