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Changing Gears Book

Looking for inspiration, Greg and his partner Sophie decide to cycle from Melbourne to Far North Queensland (via Tasmania, naturally) scouting out ways to live more simply. On the road, the couple realises how underprepared they are—Greg is a camping klutz, while Sophie proves to be the practical one. They are spurred on by the many inspiring and eccentric characters they meet u including a forest activist living up a tree, an 18th-century woodsman, and a monk who spends his life walking barefoot through Queensland. Featuring eye-opening encounters with DIY downshifters and leading figures in sustainability, Changing Gears is a high-spirited adventure that explores an important question for the future: can we be happier with less?

RRP: $24.95

Distributed by Affirm Press


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Photo: Mark Gunter

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Concorde Chamois

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