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Review: Thule’s Epos Tow Bar Carrier

We attach Thule’s Epos towbar carrier to the Volvo XC90.

The Thule Epos bike rack stands out as an incredibly versatile solution for traveling cyclists, offering a fast, convenient, and incredibly user-friendly experience. 

We’ve secured it to the back of a Volvo XC 90 wagon and can attest to its simplicity, security and out-of-mind storage ability. And as good as rooftop bike carriers are these days, there’s something extra satisfying about your bike (or bikes) being on the back, out of the wind in the vehicles ‘low pressure zone’ or slipstream.

We enjoyed the convenience of the foldaway feature, allowing the rear of the vehicle to be loaded and unloaded without having to remove the bike.

Quite a marvel of design evolution, what sets this bike rack apart is its innovative telescopic bike attachment system, making mounting effortless and accessible. The Epos allows you to secure your bike anywhere on the frame or rear wheel, offering several attachment options. This adaptability is a game-changer, accommodating diverse bike styles, including e-bikes, MTB’s, gravel bikes and the like.

Attention to detail is where Thule has always excelled and this latest rack is no exception. It is fully foldable for transportation and storage, and can be tilted to grant access to the boot or hatchback depending upon the vehicle you are using.

There’s generous spacing between bikes, support for longer wheelbases (e.g gravel or all-road bikes), and easy fastening of large tyres ensure your bikes lock into position and stay there.

To elevate the experience, Thule offer an array of accessories. The Epos Bike Repair Holder enables on-the-go adjustments and repairs, while the incorporated lock, developed with industry leader ABUS, provides top-notch bike security. For those with heavier e-bikes, a folding (and storable) ramp simplifies the loading and unloading process.

Thule have thought of it all with this rack, it even incorporates a ramp for heavier e-bikes.

After using the Thule Epos towbar mounted rack our thoughts are these: out-of-mind security, versatility, thoughtful design, and a range of accessories to enhance every ride. It’s the epitome of convenience and functionality and a brilliant storage solution.

The RRP is $1999 and the rack is available at your nearest Thule stockist or online via


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