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Tested: BBB StrikeDuo 2000 Headlight 

Bike lights are getting bigger, brighter and better than ever, as Pete Maniaty discovered while riding the StrikeDuo from BBB.

The StrikeDuo 2000 is the most powerful headlight offered by Dutch brand BBB and it only takes a few seconds to understand why. Twin LCD bulbs cast a mesmerising oval beam pattern that, at 2000 lumens, is crazy bright in the highest visibility setting and delivers light that can be seen from up to a whopping 210 metres away. 

Whilst this makes it overkill for many urban and built-up environments, it’s brilliant for darker conditions and terrain where there’s little or no ambient light to guide you, such as country roads, gravel or even MTB tracks.

As with most bike lights nowadays, the StrikeDuo 2000 is super easy to install, use and charge. 

It features simple one-touch operation, shuffling through five fixed and two daytime flash settings. With a robust aluminium housing the unit itself is very sturdy and the StrapFix bracket/rubber closure system makes positioning the unit on your handlebars a breeze. 

That said, rubber mounting straps have a habit of degrading and even breaking over time with heavy use – so whilst undeniably versatile, longevity is something to watch. 

“…Twin LCD bulbs cast a mesmerising oval beam pattern that, at 2000 lumens, is crazy bright…”

A decent light is only as good as its batteries, with the top-level BBB model having up to 200hrs of reserve power.

Another curious feature of the StrikeDuo 2000 is an optional (corded) remote control that, when installed, allows you to change modes and turn your light on and off without removing your hands from the handlebars.

Whilst some riders will no doubt appreciate this, I found it rudimentary and even a little redundant given how easy the unit is to operate already. But to each their own.

BBB says the run time for the StrikeDuo 2000’s 6700mAh battery varies from just two hours at the maximum 2000 lumens, all the way out to an almost hyperbolic 200 hours in the lowest flash-mode, 400 lumens. Given this equates to over eight days I am unable to prove or disprove their claim. 

Regardless, when the time does come to recharge the unit, you simply plug it in using the USB-C cable provided. With an IPX4 water rating, it’s also water resistant rather than fully waterproof, making it suitable for all but the most inclement of weather. 

Summing up, the StrikeDuo 2000 is a brilliant (literally) front light that’s best suited for riders who want to see – and be seen – in even the darkest of conditions. However, at $200+ it’s likely to be a little excessive for folks who rarely leave built-up areas.

RRP $229.99

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