Put the chain back onto the chain rings and ride off into the sunset.

Top Gear: American Classic Wheels

New for 2013 is the 38mm carbon clincher incorporating a 22mm wide rim, and an alloy brake track for reliable braking. The 18 bladed spokes in the front wheel are laced radially to sealed bearing hubs, while 24 on the rear are three-crossed, which is said to deliver consistent spoke tension across the wheel. This is courtesy of their ‘high-low’ flange design and a 2-1 ratio of spokes on the drive side vs non drive side. American Classic claim increased lateral stiffness and wheel longevity through this spoke pattern. Wider rims are the hot ticket at the moment, with benefits purportedly including lower risk of pinch flats at lower tyre pressures, a wider contact patch on the road, better traction, improved airflow and lower rolling resistance. The 38mm clincher wheelset weighs in at 1,751g (claimed) and has a rider weight limit of 114kg. 

The 44mm deep tubulars have a 23mm wide rim and the same spoke and hub setup as the clinchers. American Classic claims a weight of 1,373 for the pair and recommends a rider weight limit of 107kg.

Price: 38mm clinchers – $1,399.95 

44mm tubulars – $1,699.95

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Put the chain back onto the chain rings and ride off into the sunset.

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