Envie Advanced 2 Compact

Top Gear> JetBlack R1 Rollers

Like all JetBlack trainers the R1 aluminium rollers are pre-assembled and ready to ride. They contain sealed bearings for a smooth and quiet ride. Their low profile means that when folded, they don’t take up much storage room. With winter approaching, rollers give you an alternative to stationary trainers. They will improve your handling and your pedalling efficiency. They also don’t need your bike to be clamped in, simply place them on the floor and start riding.

Price: $259

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Envie Advanced 2 Compact

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‘Windmill’ stretch for TFL and ITB  Stand on right leg with left leg tucked in front.  Keep all weight on right leg. Relax muscles around right hip so it pops out to the side. You should feel a stretch on the outside of the right hip. Lift right arm above head and stretch across to the left side.  You should feel the stretch increase. Hold a gentle stretch for greater than 20 seconds. Perform x 3 per day at work, as well as pre-ride.

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