‘Windmill’ stretch for TFL and ITB  Stand on right leg with left leg tucked in front.  Keep all weight on right leg. Relax muscles around right hip so it pops out to the side. You should feel a stretch on the outside of the right hip. Lift right arm above head and stretch across to the left side.  You should feel the stretch increase. Hold a gentle stretch for greater than 20 seconds. Perform x 3 per day at work, as well as pre-ride.

Top Gear: Polar FT4

The FT4 is ideal for those just starting out with cycling and heart rate training, or that just want to keep the process simple. Its watch functions include a backlight, an alarm and snooze, plus a user replaceable battery and water resistance to 30m. The FT4 has several handy training features even though it’s a no frills monitor. There are heart rate based target zones with visual and audible alarms, so you know when to lift your game. Polar’s OwnCal system calculates the number of kilocalories expended during your training sessions. To enable long-term tracking of your fitness progress, the unit will log your training data starting from the last reset. The FT4’s chest transmitter and belt are included. 

Price: $129

Distributed by Pursuit Performance 



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