‘Windmill’ stretch for TFL and ITB  Stand on right leg with left leg tucked in front.  Keep all weight on right leg. Relax muscles around right hip so it pops out to the side. You should feel a stretch on the outside of the right hip. Lift right arm above head and stretch across to the left side.  You should feel the stretch increase. Hold a gentle stretch for greater than 20 seconds. Perform x 3 per day at work, as well as pre-ride.

Top Gear: Topeak PrepStation and Tools

The PrepStation is a very tidy solution to keep your bicycle workshop tools organised, and mobile! Comprising a large, wheeled bin at the bottom for storage of lubes, degreaser, spare parts etc, four foam lined trays with tool cutouts and a fifth tray with small compartments for items like nuts and bolts.The trays all swing out, pivoting on the extendable handle for easy access. Each tray has a photo label of the tools stored within, so finding the right tool is quick and simple.  There is an impressive array of 39 bike-specific tools for virtually every occasion; cable cutters, steerer tube cutting guides, chain whip—you name it and it’s probably there.

380 x 365 x 910mm when open.

Price: $800

Cassons (02) 8882 1900



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