Top Gear: Two Wheel Cool Toecaps & Airhead

Fancy new kit from Two Wheel Cool is about to hit the street. Made from quality silicone the Toecaps are stretchy enough to fit over the on half of your shoes (neatly avoiding the cleat / pedal contact area in the sole) but not so tight as to squeeze your foot uncomfortably. They are waterproof inasmuch as a toe cover can be, and windproof to keep your feet warm in cold weather. Two Wheel Cool also produces the Airhead, a ventilation system for your helmet. It’s a large flat starfish- looking item that sits between your head and helmet separating the two by means of hundreds of small nipples, looks like a masseur sandal for your head. It’s said to allow the breeze to penetrate more easily reducing perspiration and the incidence of bad hair days. The Australian company also produces the ‘Dashboard’ a silicone rubber smart phone mount for your handlebars, and the ‘Wrapper’ a silicone chainstay guard that comes in two sizes to handle oversized carbon and small gauge steel or alloy stays. They come in a range of colours including black, white, red clear and more.

RRP: Toecaps  $ 29.95, Airhead   $29.95

Distributed by Two Wheel Cool


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