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Win A Wheelset: Scope S4.A Wheels Tested

We ride & review Scope S4.A wheels, plus your chance to win these very hoops.

Scope Cycling, a brand that may be flying under the radar in Australia, is making waves overseas with its Sport series all-road wheelset, the S4.A’s.  Hailing from the Netherlands, the Scope team are only skilled in wheel design but also passionate about putting their creations to the test through extensive prototyping and testing.

The S4.A wheels boast a lineage of proven technologies from Scope’s previous generation carbon wheels, incorporating valuable insights to help refine new models. One standout feature is the Scope Tubeless System, designed for easy mounting, direct inflation, long-lasting pressure, and compatibility with all tubeless tyres.

Scope’s Local Reinforcement carbon technology is a game-changer, effectively reducing rim weight while maintaining strength and stiffness. Every meticulous detail of these wheels is developed in-house at the company’s Dutch headquarters, in collaboration with industry leaders and partners such as the University of Technology Eindhoven, the University of Technology Delft, SKF, and team DSM.

The Scope wheels fitted to our long-term test ring, the Gravel Ti from Ribble.

Closely collaborating with German tyre giant Schwalbe adds another layer of excellence. Fitted with Schwalbe’s G-One RS in 40mm, the S4.A wheel and fat tyre combo delivered a ride that can only be described in one word – smooth. The ride is reminiscent of modern day and more refined Zipp 303s – these are high-performance, quick-spinning and super-versatile hoops with a sub-$2000 price tag.

What truly sets the S4.As apart is the ride feel, and particularly when descending on less than perfect surfaces. The wheels strike a delicate balance, responding fantastically to both braking and power input with stiffness that translates into comfort. Climbing, descending, or cruising on the flat, these wheels inspire confidence and put a smile on your dial.


Wheel makers (and just about any bike industry company) love three-letter abbreviation and Scope are no exception. 

Algorithm Enhanced Aerodynamics (AEA) is all about optimising aerodynamic performance of the S4 to the next level. This was done in the R & D stage and focuses on the depth and shape of the rim. Scope say their innovative method calculates the most aerodynamic rim profile, ensuring optimal stability and optimum riding experience.

The S4.A’s are a 42mm depth U-shape rim, with a 21mm hooked tubeless-ready internal width.

To The Hub

The hub, often the unsung hero of a wheelset, shines in the S4. Well-made and solid, it boasts a high-quality finish with hidden features that appeal to those who prioritise longevity and strength. The ‘Diamond Ratchet’ engagement system enhances durability and reduces weight, a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation.

Durability is emphasised through the carbon lay-up of the rims, featuring Local Reinforcement Technology. This technique strategically strengthens the rim around the spoke holes, significantly reducing weight while ensuring strength and stiffness. The hubs contribute to extreme lateral stiffness, creating a well-rounded, durable wheelset.

We tested the Scope wheels with lightweight Tubolito tubes and Schwalbe G-One RS 40mm tyres.

The Scope Tubeless System (STS) is a collaboration with Schwalbe, defining a unique geometry for the tubeless tyre bed. This system ensures easy mounting, perfect inflation, and optimal pressure properties. It’s also compatible with all tubeless tyres on the market.

“…What truly sets the S4.A’s apart is the ride feel, and particularly when descending on less than perfect road or gravel surfaces…”

The S4.A’s 42mm depth U-shape rim, with a 21mm hooked tubeless-ready internal width, is designed for all-road to gravel adventures. Recommended tyre widths range from 28-32mm for road use to 35-57mm for gravel, catering to diverse riding preferences. As mentioned earlier, we rode them with the Schwalbe G-One RS tyres in 40mm – on smooth bitumen to rough gravel – and the wheel / tyre combo proved its ‘all-road’ abilities time and again. ‘40mm on the road?’ some may question. Yes, absolutely!

The Scope’s come with a 3-year warranty and are built to last.

As cycling evolves, the ‘rules’ are gradually dissolving. People are riding what they want, where they want, and mixing it up a little. A morning road ride, that morphs into gravel, then across a local park, onto a suburban bike way, then around Narrabeen Lake, then back onto the bitumen for the run home, this wheel / tyre combo took it all in its stride.

Weight and the final word

Built on Scope’s own S-series alloy centerlock disc brake hubset, the S4 wheels feature Sapim’s CX-Leader bladed spokes, providing a solid foundation for a reliable and efficient ride. With multiple freehub body options and a claimed wheelset weight of 1622g, these wheels cater to a variety of riding styles.

The Scope S4.A all-road wheelset is testament to meticulous design, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to rider experience. Whether we were riding gravel paths or smooth local roads, they delivered a ride that seamlessly blended performance, comfort, and durability. 

Scope’s 3-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement program adds a layer of reassurance and made the wheels feel like an enticing option for riders seeking a versatile and reliable wheelset at the right price.

To top it all off, you might just have a chance to win the very wheelset we’ve had the pleasure of testing. Head to our website at for all the details. Good luck, and may you, if you’re the lucky winner, enjoy riding this impressive Scope wheelset as much as we have. 

For your chance to win this very wheelset visit the competition page here.


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