Prominent team ARA Skip Capital riders swear by PLASMAIDE, a liquid plant-based blood health adaptogen with natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Photo: Lucy Bowden
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Summer Special: 2023/24 Hydration Guide

Summer is here, the time of year that nutrition and particularly on-bike hydration is particularly important. Here we take a look at some of the standout hydration options available out there.

Pure Energy Chews

Pure Energy Chews are made with natural ingredients, carbohydrates and electrolytes. These tasty chews are the perfect grab-and-go energy source formulated for use during sports and exercise to help fuel working muscles. 

  • Soft to chew 
  • Not too sweet or over flavoured.
  • 24g carbohydrates per serving (2 serves per pack).
  • Gut-friendly formulation.
  • No added colour, dairy/gluten/preservative free, vegan friendly. 
  • Available in lemon flavour made with real lemon juice, and Kola + Caffeine made with real kola nut. 

RRP $7.00 per pack.

Order at for more info.

“…cyclists on training rides or at events of more than two hours, need to take in between 80-120g of carbohydrate per hour…”

Pure Energy Gels

Pure Energy Gels are available in a regular gel consistency and a fluid gel consistency. Pure flavour their gels with natural flavourings like real fruit juices, concentrates and fruit purees, New Zealand honey, ground kola nut and real cinnamon, giving them a real flavour with no nasty after taste. 

Key Features are –

  • Premium real ingredients 
  • 22-23g carbohydrates per serve / fluid gels 24g carbohydrates per serve. 
  • Not sickly sweet or over flavoured. 
  • Gut-friendly formulation. 
  • No added colour, dairy/gluten/preservative free, those not containing honey are vegan friendly. 
  • Carbs in the form of maltodextrin for rapid absorption muscle fuel.

Energy Gels available in five delicious flavours: Manuka Honey, Orange Lemon Lime, Espresso Coffee, Banana & Manuka Honey, and Kola Nut & Lemon Juice with 30mg caffeine.

Fluid Energy Gels available in six delicious flavours: Orange, Lemon Lime, Mango, Apple Cinnamon, Kola Nut & Lemon Juice with 30mg Caffeine, Raspberry with 30mg Caffeine, Lemon Lime with 30mg Caffeine.

RRP $3.69 per serve.

Visit for more info. 

Pure Electrolyte Hydration

Pure Electrolyte Hydration is a premium natural electrolyte drink base using real freeze-dried fruit, carbohydrates and electrolytes. It assists with ensuring adequate fluid intake during exercise and is designed to promote the availability of energy during exercise.

It is best used during exercise periods of over one hour or high intensity exercise sessions. 

  • Recommended use 500ml-750ml per hour during extended exercise. 
  • Contains electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • 500g resealable pouch makes nine litres, 42g sachet makes 750ml. 
  • No added colour, dairy/gluten/preservative free, vegan friendly. 

Available in five delicious flavours: Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, and Superfruit. 

RRP 550g pouch $34.99, 42g sachet $4.00.

Low carb formula and endurance formula options also available.

Visit for more info. 

Winners Sports Nutrition

Fuel your Summer with Winners Sports Nutrition’s range of great tasting Energy Bars, Energy Gels and Chews. 

A staple in Aussie riders’ back pockets for over 15 years – Winners are proudly Australian Made and Owned. They have a focus on using natural ingredients and developing products that reward the effort you put into being active.

The Winners range features a variety of energy products – including Australia’s most popular Energy Gels, as well as the new Anzac Slice Energy Bar flavour.

Winners are currently running their annual Hot Summer Specials throughout January – including 48 Energy Bars for $54, a saving 55%,

Head to for details


Beta Fuel – Revolutionising Endurance Fuelling

SiS Beta Fuel is proven to provide ultra-high levels of available carbohydrate to multi-hour endurance athletes, with no stomach upset. Science in Sport’s Beta Fuel range is leading the way in endurance fuelling, having memorably powered Chris Froome’s sensational 80km solo ride on Stage 19 of the 2018 Giro D’Italia. Beta Fuel + Nootropics is taking the cycling world by storm, with added caffeine to boost your performance.

Endurance athletes, cyclists on training rides or at events of more than two hours, need to take in between 80-120g of carbohydrate per hour. 

Science in Sport’s Beta Fuel Dual Source Energy Drink delivers an optimised 80g of carbohydrate in a single, convenient isotonic fuelling solution with minimal risk of GI discomfort that enables the rider to maintain optimal performance.

Beta Fuel products are available in gels, powders and chews, and in several delicious flavours. 

All available now via

Healthy Empire 

Crafted for cyclists, Healthy Empire’s plant-based smoothies revolutionise your endurance journey. Developed in collaboration with professional athlete Ryan O’Keefe, these smoothies are a potent blend of plant compounds and antioxidants. They combat oxidative stress, enhance focus, stamina, and endurance, providing a daily athletic edge without interruptions.

This balanced smoothie supplies the perfect mix of protein for muscle growth, fibre and carbohydrates essential for achieving performance goals. Nutrient-rich ingredients offer sustained energy for conquering tough rides, giving you a competitive advantage.

Carefully formulated, these smoothies optimise performance, suitable for both seasoned pros and beginners. Elevate your cycling game with Healthy Empire’s delicious, powerhouse smoothies, promising a taste that exceeds expectations, backed by a money-back guarantee.

For more details and to order visit


Gel X Pro

Two flavours, all natural, preservative free, dual carb fuel, made in Australia, 120 calories per gel. Riders can consume up to three per hour. 

More at

Fuel X Pro 

Endurance fuel, all-in-one nutrition, electrolytes and carbohydrates with aminos for performance, all natural made in Australia, easy to use while riding, keeps you replenished, energised and hydrated. 

Oreder now via


Tried and tested rapid cramp relief, these all-natural drink shots are made in Australia.

All products are used by ACA Cycling Team and made in the Fixx factory in Burleigh Heads in Queensland.


As cyclists, the main focus of fueling and recovery is macronutrient intake: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Macronutrients are crucial to performance during the ride, and the axiomatic nutrition advice of consuming carbs before and during sessions exists for good reason. However, to stop there fails to recognise the complex relationship between nutrition and optimal performance.

This is where PILLAR Performance comes in, the first and only sports micronutrition range purposefully formulated to support performance outcomes; because not all micros are created equal.

The hero of the range, TRIPLE MAGNESIUM, which is now a favourite with teams on the WorldTour, features three select forms of bio-available magnesium, providing multi-action support for neuromuscular function, muscle function support, as well as reducing sleeplessness.TRIPLE MAGNESIUM is also used to support the recovery phase after physical activity, including muscular aches, cramps, and spasms. 

In the same way you may kickstart your day with a ride and a coffee, try winding it down with TRIPLE MAGNESIUM and let your sleep tracker prove the results to you. 

Order at


Skratch Labs makes nutrition designed to help you perform better without offending your gut because they use real food, starting from scratch.

It all began in pro peloton – while working as a sports scientist and coach, Dr. Allen Lim started to make his training food and sports drinks from scratch. He  was tired of the artificial ingredients that made many cyclists sick to their stomachs.

His first creation was the ‘secret drink mix’ that used a recipe with less sugar, more sodium with no artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colours, but used real fruit! As word got out about the ‘secret drink mix’, it was clear that there was a demand for it, and to meet the demand, Dr. Lim created Skratch Labs.

Sport Hydration Drink Mix replaces exactly what you lose. Made with less sugar, more sodium, and only real fruit for flavour, it absorbs faster than water alone.

Super High Carb gives you 400 calories (100g carbs) in a serving, powered by Cluster Dextrin, plus the electrolytes you lose in sweat to fuel and hydrate you. It allows you to drink your fuel for long, intensive rides without gastrointestinal distress. More info at


“PLASMAIDE is a product that I’ve been using, I feel good on it and I’m riding quite well” – Robbie McEwen

PLASMAIDE is a liquid plant-based blood health adaptogen with natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

It can be used pre-activity (not during) for performance benefits and/or post-activity for recovery. PLASMAIDE is a complementary product to other supplement or hydration products you might intake during your ride and helps to increase their efficacy. 

The highly bio-available formula enters your bloodstream within 30-45 minutes of ingestion and increases the production of naturally produced nitric oxide and stabilises it once it’s formed for up to six hours, helping to:

  • increase blood flow and circulation
  • enhance the body’s natural defence mechanisms
  • prevent the build-up of lactic acid for less muscle fatigue
  • support improved physical performance and recovery
  • benefit cognitive function and sharpened focus

PLASMAIDE work with the world’s leading scientists and athletes to create products that improve your blood health, resulting in better physical and mental performance, increased energy, and faster recovery – so you can optimise your movement and perform at your highest level for longer.

Their Advanced Endurance and Recovery products come in two flavours: Strawberry Watermelon and Orange. 

Whether you’re a competitive or leisurely cyclist, take one sachet before your next ride and experience the benefits that PLASMAIDE has to offer. 

More at 

Maurten Sports Fuels 

Solid 225

Back to basics. Solid reinvents by removing everything but the essentials. Solid 225 is a sweet and natural tasting, fast and light carbohydrate-rich, low fibre fuel source – the perfect complement to your Hydrogel fueling. Each Solid contains 225 calories and 44g of carbs.

Solid is our first non-Hydrogel product. That’s a big deal for us. So we stuck to what we know. We listened to science. We listened to the athletes. We distilled it down to the essentials. We focused on performance. The result is a performance-focused oat-and-rice-based chewable. It may look like a bar, feel like a bar, and taste like a bar – but it’s definitely not a run-of-the-mill bar. 

Drink Mix 320

Widely used by the best runners, cyclist and triathletes in the world. 80g of carbs per serving (500 ml). Can be used before, during and/or after activity. 

M’s Drink Mix 320 is built on Hydrogel technology. When mixed with water you have a liquid carbohydrate sports drink containing a high concentration of maltodextrin and fructose. 

The sports drink instantly converts to hydrogel in the acidity of the stomach. The hydrogel enables a smooth transportation of the drink through the stomach to the intestine where the water, salt, and carbohydrates are absorbed.

Box of 12 servings – $60.00…More at

Gel 100 Caf 100

Energy capsulated in a natural hydrogel. Each serving contains 100mg of caffeine and delivers 25 grams of carbohydrates. Built with seven ingredients – no added colourants, preservatives or flavours.

The GEL 100 CAF 100 contains 100 mg of caffeine – that’s the equivalent of 1.5 espressos – or one cup of brewed coffee. That’s a lot compared to many of the traditional gels out there. It delivers 25 grams of carbohydrates through a unique blend of fructose and glucose (ratio of 0.8:1). It packs a high weight to energy ratio and doesn’t contain any added flavours, preservatives or colourants. Just like all of our products, it’s vegan-friendly. 

Use the GEL 100 CAF 100 on its own during shorter durations, or combine it with other Maurten products to ensure you have enough carbohydrates throughout your session.

Gel 100

Energy encapsulated in a natural hydrogel. Built with six ingredients – no added colorants, preservatives or flavours, 25g of carbohydrates per serving.

They can be used before, during and/or after activity.

Read full details and order at


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