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2024 IndyPac Underway As Riders Take On Perth To Sydney Epic

UPDATED: Thirty six ultra endurance riders from around the world have flown into the WA capital of Perth for the start of one of the world’s most gruelling annual bikepacking adventures, the 2024 IndyPac.

The event started at 6:22 am on Saturday at South Mole lighthouse in Freemantle. Why 6:22? That was the time ultra endurance legend Mike Hall tragically lost his life when hit by a car south of Canberra during the 2017 IPWR.

For this year’s unofficial event riders from Colombia, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Slovenia will join Australian long distance enthusiasts in the 5500km epic from Perth to Sydney. Five female riders will be among the 36 trans-continental adventurers.

Extreme cyclist and polar explorer Omar di Felice – who recently rode more than 700km across Antarctica – is one of the riders expected to set a blistering pace across Australia. Omar rode 430km on Day 1 and followed it up with a staggering 538km (and 4000+ metres) on Day 2!

Omar di Felice’s ultra minimalist IndyPac set up … expect to see some big daily totals by Omar, particularly in the first week of the event.

Other entrants include Chris ‘Caveman’ Barker who’s lining up for the his 6th IndyPac start, having completed 5 of the gruelling events after Covid shut borders in 2020.

Matti Ainasoja is returning from Finland to sort some ‘unfinished business’ also being stopped by border closures that year.

Keen to join the excitement and track the action? You can follow the riders via MapProgress and join the popular Dotwatchers Facebook page via THIS LINK.

With thanks to Luke Jeffery for 2024 IndyPac details.


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