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First ‘MAMIL’, Now ‘The Voice Of Cycling’ – Feature Film To Detail The Life & Times OF Phil Liggett

Phil Liggett, the voice of cycling and one of the world’s most iconic sporting commentators, will be the subject of a new documentary created by Demand Film.

Detailing Liggett’s life behind the microphone and dedication to cycling, the feature film will focus upon the international legend’s wit, colour and quirky sayings known as ‘Liggetisms’.

Aptly titled The Voice of Cycling, the film is being created by the same people who delivered MAMIL (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) – Nick Bird and Eleanor Sharpe.

From Amateur Rider To Legendary Commentator

Now 75 years old, the once amateur cyclist morphed into a journalist and has witnessed every heroic triumph and harrowing tragedy over a 51 year career, covering 44 Tours de France and 15 Olympic Games.

Amateur riders often say its Phil’s voice they hear in their head encouraging them up gruelling climbs. Liggett’s voice matters, it’s his commentary which guides the millions of cycling fans around the globe through the drama and excitement of the most competitive and gruelling cycling competitions.

The documentary is being filmed across a number of international locations where the most iconic cycling events take place, and thus are synonymous with Phil. They include France, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia including Melbourne and Adelaide. 

Bicycling Australia Will Have More Details On The Film As Production Continues. 


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