Nicole Moerig at the Tour de Yorkshire with her Team at Podium Ambition Pro Cycling.

Grab your copy of Bicycling Australia! On sale now!

Rather than direct attention to podium placegetters we’re making Bicycling Australia all about you! We cover how you can stay fitter and ride faster, outsprint your mates, corner like Archimedes, and overall enjoy your cycling more. 

This issue, from his base deep in the Victorian alps, David Heatley, the brains behind tells us how to ramp up our cycling fitness in two to four hours a week, with some strategy, riding technique and your home trainer.

Meanwhile, Hamish Gorman gets technical, explaining how to really get the most out of your power meter (no, it’s not just an expensive Random Number Generator).

Then Steve Thomas passes on some of his tried and true strategies for Gran Fondo events, before resident nutrition expert Susie Burrell looks at planning your winter menu so you can maintain your ideal weight or lose a few kilos if that’s your goal.

One of the key features in this issue is the 6 Month Plan to have you in top shape for your next Gran Fondo (check out the Bowral Classic!) Level 2 coach Michael Hanslip spells it all out and promises to have you in top condition by the end of October!

We have in-depth reviews on the super sexy Johnson Esquire SL Disc, the intriguing Norco Search and the TransAm winning Curve Belgie Ti, along with the CeramicSpeed OPWS, Bryton Riders, Tacx Neo Smart, Kuat Transfer, and 3T’s latest disc brake wheelset the Discus C60 Team.

But this is just the beginning…there’s plenty more in store to fuel your cycling fire and amp up your drive on the road.

So go grab your copy of Bicycling Australia from the newsagent, and settle back for some quality time with Australia’s longest running cycling publication.

It’s about how we ride today.


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Nicole Moerig at the Tour de Yorkshire with her Team at Podium Ambition Pro Cycling.

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