More Riders Relying On Front & Rear Safety Cameras

It seems this year there have been far more incidents on our roads – many more reasons for cyclists to not only be seen with day & night lighting, but to also record their rides.

With ever-increasing traffic, there’s also a strong push to educate drivers that more and more cyclists are embracing the latest on-bike camera technology.

As Mike Young, a director from market leader Cycliq recently wrote to the Bicycling Australia Facebook page, “What they (drivers) need is to believe is that every bike has a dash cam, front and back.”

One of last week’s major cycling news stories was on Cycliq’s new model camera/light combo unit. Last week the company announced a major Black Friday discount on the soon to be superseded model, the original Fly12.

Wait for the new Fly12CE, due in early December, or buy a heavily discounted Fly12? The choice may be a difficult one. But it seems that on-bike video recording is fast-becoming the norm, many riders reluctant to ride without a front and rear cameras documenting every moment of the journey. 

Video Handed To Police

Just last week we spoke with well known Sydney cyclist John Sunde, the day after he posted Fly12 video to social media showing an extremely close call while cycling.

“Just yesterday this guy chopped me and this was by far the worst incident I’ve had over the past 4 or 5 months,” he said.

“I went straight to the police station and showed them the footage. They followed this up by identifying the vehicle. They then spoke with the driver. What freaked me out was this close pass occurred in the exact same spot another rider was hit and lost his life that same day.”

“I’ve had the Fly12 for 4 or 5 months, I’ve become so used to it that I don’t leave home without the camera on and fully charged,” he added.

A screenshot of a recent close pass Sydney cyclist John Sunde caught on camera. This was handed to police who later identified & spoke with the driver.

Not Just Traffic

Of course it’s not just about traffic or logging potential evidence when out on the roads – there are many more advantages to recording each and every moment of the ride.

The camera footage can also be used to relive highlights of your rides along with some of the surprising things cyclists see – such as this viral video of a kangaroo jumping over – and just missing – a fortunate rider.

Wide-Angle Recording

The original Fly12 records in full HD and has a 10-hour battery life. The wide-angle lens captures an out front view in clear detail with audio. The unit features various frame rates and resolution settings configured through the Cycliq app.

Though the updated version is coming, the original Fly12 offers peace of mind and irrefutable evidence in the event of an incident while out on the road. Full details at www.cycliq.com

Over To You: Do you ride with front and rear cameras and have you had reason to take evidence to police? Have your say below.


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