The finish of the Tour du Haut where FDJ rider Arthur Vichot was victorious. Photo by Sirotti.

Sydney Rides Business Challenge

The Sydney Rides Business Challenge is one of the largest incentives in Australia to encourage business men and women to cycle to work to improve productivity for all businesses, create awareness for cyclists and reduce congestion in the heart of the Sydney CBD. 

The challenge should also encourage employers and organisations to maintain end-of-trip facilities for its emplyees to support increased physical activity and better employee engagement. 

The challenge is aimed at businesses both big and small and runs for four weeks between the 22 February and 20 March. It is easy to take part in, simply ride a bike anywhere, anytime for 10 minutes or longer during the four week period and after logging your ride on the website you and your organisation could go into the draw to win prizes for the highest percentage of staff participating in the challenge. 

The Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore has preached the benefits of riding and commuting on a bicycle. 

“More than 7,000 people ride to work in the city centre each day – that’s the equivalent of 116 full buses or seven packed Sydney trains. The Sydney Rides Business Challenge is about supporting active, healthy and happy employees already riding to work and encouraging their workmates to give it a go.”

The free incentive also offers a range of interactive events such as free bike mechanics and discovery rides. Find out more about the events here.

To register your organisation, visit the Sydney Rides Business Challenge website and encourage your work collegues to jump on a bike!


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The finish of the Tour du Haut where FDJ rider Arthur Vichot was victorious. Photo by Sirotti.

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