The world's first carbon bike, an aero track bike with bullhorn handlebars designed and built by Assos founder Tony Maier.

Tested: Lazer Century Helmet With MIPS Advanced Safety System

Bowral Classic and Bicycling Australia’s Classics series originator James Yaffa recently took on the task of road-testing a premium road helmet from Lazer, the Century. How did he enjoy using the special centenary edition from the historic company? Read on to find out.

The Bowral Classic is proud to be partnering with the iconic Lazer helmet brand for the 2019 edition of Australia’s premium Gran Fondo event.

Lazer was founded in Belgium way back in the year of 1919 – yes … they are six years older than Bicycling Australia’s parent company Yaffa Media!

History is important – you can really sense the level of passion and understanding this company has for the customer. The helmets are still designed at the company’s head (no pun) office today, and Lazer completely understand their responsibility to the industry and sport as a whole.

The Lazer Century helmet … a truly impressive offering.

With innovation, safety and design constantly advancing, our friends at Lazer are very much the driving force behind front line helmet development and that’s clearly obvious when holding a Century for the first time.

Gut feelings and first impressions are just about always spot on and the Lazer Century certainly has the look and feel of a top quality helmet.

Without hesitation I had the pleasure of testing this latest incarnation and my findings are consistent with worldwide praise for the Lazer Century.

Striking Design, Innovative Features

First and foremost this helmet features MIPS –  that’s Multi-directional Impact Protection System – a unique internal cradle system that allows rotation between the outer casing of the helmet and the scull.

The Lazer Century features the MIPS internal protection cradle system.

The design is striking. Let’s face it we all like a good-looking and stylish helmet with all the comfort and safety features.

While the southern states of Australia are now heading into relatively cooler riding conditions, I embraced the impressive ventilation and closure options offered with the Century.

In early morning and cooler conditions I simply rotated the ventilation holder on top of the helmet (they call it ‘Twistcap). This impressive option is just too easy to adjust, a simple twist and the magnetic button just locks it in nice and snug.

Some helmet brands have delivered slide format ventilation options but over time I have found they move up and down which can be annoying.

Whilst I’m looking for comfort here it’s the aero advantage that will really appeal to Gran Fondo riders preparing for our Bowral Classic. With multiple ventilation points you don’t feel overwhelmed with rising temperatures. The Century offers more a feeling of a smoothness, continuity and comfort.

In warmer conditions I opened up the ventilation – a process of simply lifting the cover, rotating it 180-degrees, and allowing the in-built magnets to lock the slide into position. Again all riders have different needs and the Century offers this in spades.

The helmet features a reversible and magnetic top panel to allow for ventilation or closed vents.

Incorporated Safety Light

Perhaps the biggest innovation with this offering is the integrated light set at the rear of the helmet.

I am obsessed with lights and general rider safety and have always used a rear light option for my helmets. In fact, it’s been years since I haven’t ridden with a rear light on the helmet night or day … for me its always on!

So when I saw that Lazer Century had the integrated light option I was immediately impressed and genuinely excited. The integrated rechargeable LED light is easy to remove and delivers just the right amount of auxiliary light with 3 different flash options.

In preparing for a major Gran Fondo like The Bowral Classic everyone has different needs and requirements in being 100% ready for the big day. Should you be searching out a helmet that over-delivers on design, safety, and comfort then I strongly recommend taking a closer look at the Lazer Century.

Along with the other cutting-edge offerings from Lazer, the Century will be on display at the Lazer stand at the official Bowral Classic Village … we look forward to seeing you there!

Lazer Century 
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The world's first carbon bike, an aero track bike with bullhorn handlebars designed and built by Assos founder Tony Maier.

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The world's first carbon bike, an aero track bike with bullhorn handlebars designed and built by Assos founder Tony Maier.

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