Tested: Scicon Aerowing Lamon

Looking for new sunglasses for summer? We take a ride while wearing the latest Italian style from Scicon.

They are being worn by some of the biggest name riders, two-time Tour de France winner Tadej Pogacar debuting them in July this year. 

And that’s not where the ‘big’ theme ends—has there ever been more expansive lens real estate in cycling? I think not. 

To be fair to Scicon, the Lamon is not much bigger than their standard Aerowing offering—the funky shaping, nose / cheek cut out, and slotted side fins all helping give the impression of an overall bigger lens.

And yes, the most notable point of difference with this latest offering from Scicon is that radical new shape and the wing-like tips on either side of the lenses. Scicon designers say these slitted trailing edges diffuse oncoming air to help it flow by more smoothly. 

Those wild looking wing tips are not just for looks, but help difuse air flow at the edges of the lens and also help to pull more fresh air behind the lens avoiding fogging up.

“Diffusion of the air flow at the edges of the lens also helps to pull more fresh air behind the lens avoiding fogging up,” the company say.

“Two air vent ducts provide additional airflow. Nature demonstrates near-infinite solutions to problem solving.” We don’t have a wind tunnel. Instead, we’ll put a pair on and go for a ride.

So how do they feel? Well, wearing them while recently riding plus writing this review (for a maximum, real life write-up), the weight is negligible and the contact points sit very comfortably on the skin. 

The nose pads are grippy and comfortable, and what appears to be the same soft rubber compound is used on the ends of the arms for secure yet comfy grip above the ears.

“…Each pair is hand assembled in Italy, and feature an ecologically produced, bio-based frame material…”

Unbox a pair, place them on the table in front of you and take a look. Initial thoughts, well at least ours, were unusual shaping particularly around the bottom of the lens. But put them on, take a look in the mirror, and you’ll see that lower shaping is in fact quite ergonomically designed around the sides of the nostrils, outer section of the cheek, and curve to each temple. 

A second lense is included with the sunglasses – high quality clear and tinted lenses.

They wrap around the upper face, offering a super wide field of vision and reassuring protection from the elements and anything potentially airborne. Taking safety one step further, the lenses offer impact protection (critical in cycling!).

To the arms, and a simple adjustment can be made via the bendable metallic insert in each temple arm—a gentle squeeze of the arm tips will help customise fit. Scicon also offer ‘Clip Switches’, small inserts that fit into three slots along each arm. The use of these alters the tension of the arms—they are also available in various colours to change the look of the eyewear.

Each pair is hand assembled in Italy, and feature an ecologically produced, bio-based frame material that is durable, lightweight, strong.

The Aerowing eyewear come delivered in a padded, zipped soft case. Inside are the sunglasses,  a spare clear lens and microfibre pouch. Scicon eyewear also comes with a manufacturers guarantee on the lenses—scratch the lens, send it to them, and you’ll receive another.

With interchangeable lenses and a spare clear lens included, users can purchase different coloured lenses for $110 each. Spare nose pads are also available and, at the risk of making them sound like Grandfather’s axe, you can also buy the bare frame.

The sunglasses feel fantastic on—they are super comfortable and really do offer a good feeling of both UV and facial protection with their considerable frontal area. The lenses are crisp, offer good contrast and clear definition. Most of all they reduce a lot of glare, and proved particularly beneficial early and late in the day. The inclusion of the clear second lens was a real bonus, as well as that peace of mind with the scratch guarantee. 

Overall, high-quality eyewear, very typically and slightly flamboyantly Italian, wellmade and beautifully presented.

The Aerowing Lamon’s retail for $280. More details at 


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