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The A to Z Of 2024 Model Bikes

Bikes, bikes, bikes. We live them, breathe them, think about them numerous times each day, and even dream about them at night. For 2024 there are arguably more options, models and paint schemes available than ever before – the diverse range of bikes from the world’s major (and minor) manufacturers catering to the ever-evolving tastes, needs and desires of cyclists.

Traditional road bikes prevail, however over the past few years the industry has witnessed the rise of versatile all-road bikes designed to handle rougher terrain, offering cyclists the freedom to explore a wider variety of surfaces. 

The latest road bikes continue to push the boundaries of aerodynamic design, enhancing efficiency up hill, down dale and on flat lands as well. Furthermore, endurance road bikes prioritise comfort on long rides with their relaxed geometries and with integrated shock-absorbing (or compliance) features. And they’re more efficient and comfortable than ever.

Manufacturers are focusing on customisation like never before, allowing riders to select frame materials, groupsets, and wheel options. This reflects the diverse preferences within the cycling community, and an ever-increasing desire to stand out from the crowd. With the ever-expanding array of models, cyclists can find the perfect ride to match their individual style and purpose. 

In this feature we asked bike brands to submit three road, gravel and all road bikes. With literally hundreds of models available, here’s what they settled upon.

Aston Martin .1R

Not exactly a mainstream bike industry player, the A to Z of 2024 bikes kicks off with this absolute dream machine from Aston Martin.

Collaborating with bike company J.Laverack, the Aston Martin .1R is handmade in the UK and said to “exceed anything seen before”.

The company says the bikes will be available in such bespoke builds that components will be custom made for each rider, right down to crank length increments of 1mm.

“Synergising the shared values of the two high performance British brands, Aston Martin and J.Laverack have applied truly innovative design and engineering processes to produce a fully integrated ‘visually boltless’ design that possesses an aesthetic purity and obsession to detail beyond compare,” said a company spokesperson as the bike was released.

As for the RRP, it’s listed as POA, but the bike does come with a bespoke aluminium travel case and its own handmade tool kit.


Road bikes: Orbis

Baum Cycles is renowned for its experience with titanium, which goes back some 20 years. In that time, the company has developed a sophisticated range of bespoke manufacturing processes to refine the performance of its handmade titanium frames, which includes the production of proprietary head tubes and bottom bracket shells as well as custom tube-butting.

The Orbis is Baum’s flagship road bike and a testimony to its faith in the exotic metal. Made in Australia in the company’s Geelong workshop, the Orbis has been designed to capitalise on the latest advances in road bike componentry, such as disc brakes and wider road going tyres. The Orbis has been optimised for 28–34 mm tyres (as measured upon inflation) and is built to suit either a mechanical or electronic groupset.

Another aspect of Baum’s reputation is the quality of its in-house paint program. Customers considering the Orbis can expect a choice of over 50 colours and 15 schemes. Alternatively, they can eschew colour altogether by opting for Baum’s time-proven raw finish with a choice of polished logos.

Baum applies its experience in every aspect of frame-building, including bike-fitting, to personally tailor the Orbis for each customer. The starting price for a frame fuselage (frame/fork/stem/seatpost) is $12,550, and a complete bike starts at $17,650 (all prices include GST). More information on the Orbis, including custom options and details on the range of finishes, can be found by visiting Baum’s website via

Road bikes: Ristretto

Baum Cycles’ history with steel goes back to the ’90s when Darren Baum started building lugged steel frames in his hometown of Geelong. A decade later, an evolution in steel tubing led to a revolution in production processes, including the introduction of TIG-welding, all of which he mastered to create the first Ristretto racing frame in 2002.

Over two decades later, Baum remains committed to making use of the latest steel tubing from Dedacciai, Columbus, and Reynolds to satisfy the demands of road riders and racers that desire steel. In its current form, the Ristretto is still handmade in Geelong, and features proprietary Columbus XCR stainless steel stays partnered with a customer-specific TIG-welded front triangle.

Other features of the Ristretto include stainless steel dropouts and frame fittings, an Enve carbon fork, English-threaded bottom bracket shell, rim brakes, routing options for mechanical or electronic groupsets, and a maximum tyre width of 28 mm (as measured once inflated). There is also a choice of over 50 colours and 15 paint schemes for finishing the frame and fork.

Every Ristretto is personally tailored for each customer with a starting price of $9,250 for a frame fuselage (frame/fork/stem/seatpost) and $13,389 for a complete bike (all prices include GST). More information on the Ristretto, including custom options and details on the range of finishes, can be found by visiting Baum’s website.

Gravel bikes: Orbis X

Baum Cycles offers two distinct gravel platforms, one for the specialist that is devoted to unpaved adventures (dubbed X), and another for the generalist that prefers a blend of riding surfaces (dubbed +). This is an important distinction, because each has very different demands for the tyres and gearing, which in turn, dictates the design of the frame.

The Orbis X is Baum’s premium gravel bike for specialists, so it has been designed around a 1x groupset with low off-road-oriented gearing and 700c tyres with a maximum width of 50mm (as measured once inflated). In addition, the frame features routing for a dropper post, a third bidon cage mount on the underside of the down tube, and optional rack mounts.

The Orbis X is made from titanium and includes all of the refinements that Baum created for its flagship road bike, the Orbis, such as butted tubing and custom-formed chainstays. There are also some platform-specific features, such as a 3D-printed yoke for the right chainstay and a custom head tube that is machined from a bar of titanium to accommodate a 1.5-inch tapered fork steerer.

Like all of Baum’s premium bikes, the Orbis X can be finished with a choice of over 50 colours and 15 schemes. The starting price for an Orbis X frame fuselage (frame/fork/stem/seatpost) is $13,450, and a complete bike starts at $16,047 (all prices include GST). More information on the Orbis X, including all options and finishes, can be found by visiting Baum’s website via

Gravel bikes: Code +

Baum Cycles arrived at the design of Code + by adapting its proven road going design with a few gravel-focused refinements. The result is a versatile drop-bar bike that can accommodate more adventure than a dedicated road bike without compromising its efficiency on paved surfaces.

The most obvious refinement is extra room for wider tyres, up to a maximum of 40mm (as measured once inflated). Another is a change in frame geometry to suit the larger tyres, including a shift to a shorter stem length to improve the handling of the bike on unpaved surfaces. Yet another is the provision of fender mounts and optional rack mounts. The Code + does not completely abandon its road roots, though, hence the obligatory 2x drivetrain.

Like the Orbis X, Baum uses size-specific titanium tubing to create the Code + in its Geelong workshop. However, some of the high-end touches that define the Orbis X (and the Orbis +, the premium version of the Code +) have been sacrificed as part of the pragmatic focus of this bike.

The starting price for a Code + is $12,245 (including GST) for a complete bike, which comes in a choice of seven sizes, one paint scheme, and over fifty colours. Baum offers a number of extra options and upgrades for tailoring the Code +, including personalised frame geometry and custom finishes, which can be explored in detail by visiting Baum’s website via


Bianchi’s Specialissima RC is the next-generation all-rounder designed for pro and demanding riders who are looking for an ultralight bike that allows them to fly uphill while expressing themselves to the fullest on other terrain. The weight of the mounted bike is only 6.6kg with a full carbon frame that stands out for its aerodynamic shapes.

Lightness and aerodynamics are the key points of the new Specialissima’s design. Thanks to scrupulous work on repositioning weights and optimising the sections of specific areas of the frame, the Bianchi Reparto Corse has created a bike with improved aerodynamic performance on low slopes, extremely responsive and with an even lower overall weight of 6.60kg (+/-5% size 55).

A result achieved by working not only on the frame but also on components such as the integrated cockpit, available in five lengths, and the seat tube is designed with a D-shape that follows the optimised aerodynamic profile employed in other sections of the bike such as the fork and head tube. Specialissima RC mounts Reparto Corse wheels with 33mm rims and Ceramitech high-performance fast-rolling hubs. The RC139 Carbon saddle was designed by Bianchi engineers to allow the best aerodynamic position and maximum power transmission. Specialissima RC is available in a single colour version with minimal use of paint to achieve an additional 40 gram weight advantage over other versions in the range. The groupset is Shimano Dura Ace Di2 or Sram Red eTap AXS. RRP $20,099

More at

Oltre RC

Bianchi’s ‘hyperbike’ that rewrites and revolutionises what we know about the concept of aerodynamic performance. Created for World Tour competitions and professionals, Oltre RC has the ambition to modify and channel airflow around the rider and the bike, creating a perfect bike-athlete system. This is achieved through the unique air deflector technology that works in tandem with the new aero cockpit to deliver unprecedented aerodynamic performance.

Oltre RC is equipped with RC50 SPBTech/RC65 SPBTech wheels and the RC139 Carbon air saddle (with padding obtained through 3D technology), high-performance components developed directly by Bianchi Reparto Corse to achieve the highest degree of integration between athlete and bike.

Oltre RC is available in six sizes and three different colours. Price: $22,099

More at


Bianchi’s Arcadex gravel bike perfectly combines an emotional communion with nature, and the exhilarating rush of Bianchi racing DNA. It delivers distinct performance for the modern gravel rider. The sculpted carbon fibre frame is incredibly responsive, so the Arcadex is primed to perform as soon as you push on the pedals.

The frame design has been aerodynamically optimised for performance, while clearance for 700×42 or 650×47 tyres delivers more than enough scope to tackle any rough terrain you might choose. Naturally, you’ll find eyelets for mudguards, so the Arcadex can be easily transformed into a high-speed bikepacking machine.

HyperFocal: 0

The frame also features better integration, to protect against the ingress of mud and grime. The frame can run manual or electric drivetrains, with an ACR compatible headset and a streamlined connection between frame and stem courtesy of custom head tube and spacers. As a result of these features you’ll enjoy a sleek fully integrated cockpit.The Arcadex is available in two colour options: gold storm or classic celeste. The paint design and graphics give a sense of dynamism and forward movement, so the bike looks like an extension of momentum and speed.

RRP: $4,999

More at


Teammachine R 01 FOUR

Forged on the slopes of the Swiss Alps. Hardened over the cobbles of Spring Classics. Perfected within the echelons of the Grand Tours. Developed in collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies the Teammachine R isn’t just another race bike.

With the Teammachine R 01 FOUR finished off with the Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain including powermeter, CRD-501 Carbon Wheelset and BMC’s ICS2 Integrated Cockpit Design.

The Teammachine R 01 FOUR is priced from $12,499.00 More at

BMC Speedmachine 01 TWO

Speed means nothing if you can’t use it. The all-new BMC Speedmachine 01 TWO takes everything you know about triathlon bikes and places the most crucial element at the centre – you.

Of course, the countless hours in wind tunnels, feedback from some of the fastest cyclists in the world, and technical collaboration with their partners at Red Bull Advanced Technologies were vitally important. But a bike that performs well on paper doesn’t mean anything if the rider can’t actually use it.

Finished off with the SRAM Force eTap AXS Groupset and powermeter as well as the DT Swiss ARC 1650 Wheelset with Pirelli P-Zero Race 26mm tyres.

RRP from $14,499


Kaius is BMC’s premium carbon gravel bike built to be your elite race companion for all terrains. The unprecedented carbon lay-up and gravel-specific geometry ensure the perfect balance of stiffness, lightweight, and compliance for optimal traction on loose surfaces, front-end stability, and unmatched climbing prowess.

Harnessing the precision and performance of our renowned leading road technologies, Kaius is a race machine tuned to the gravel wavelength with the engineered Kaius fork, signature ICS2 stem and conventional bar, TCC Race compliance, compatibility with 1x and 2x drivetrains and up to 44 mm of tyre clearance.

Available from $11,699.00 – more at


Bossi’s Strada SS is the first of its kind. A pioneering leap in frame design, seamlessly blending the high-performance attributes of carbon with the time-tested allure of titanium. 

It brings together multiple technologies; cast manufacturing, smooth welds, fully internal cable routing, and integrated aero profiles – a package never before seen in titanium frame production. These technological advancements allow Bossi to push performance to new levels. The result is a lighter, more aero frame with reduced flex whilst still maintaining the ride quality and durability Bossi is known for. 

Bossi are able to transcend traditional frame design through titanium casting. This 3D forming process is at the heart of the Strada SS and is integral to its success. The 3D cast dropouts, head tube and seat tube junctions create stronger connections which allow them to reduce material and frame weight. The hydroformed profiles and oversized headtube improves stiffness in the front-end providing refined handling and excellent feedback.

Aerodynamic gains are achieved through sleek design elements that interact seamlessly with the wind. From the cockpit with its fully internal cabling to the D-shaped cast headtube and hydroformed down tube, the Strada SS minimises air resistance at every angle. 

Bossi have incorporated a versatile T47 bottom bracket that offers easier maintenance while providing compatibility with a broader range of cranksets. Featuring flat mount disc brakes, 12mm through axles, integrated cable routing, and clearance for 35c tyres, the Strada SS is unquestionably future-proof.

More at


Cannondale SuperSix EVO LAB71

Faster everywhere: That’s how Cannondale describe the ‘ultimate version of the ultimate road racing bike’, the SuperSix EVO. With its ultra-light carbon construction, dream spec list, and fanatical attention to detail elevate the LAB71 SuperSix EVO to the pinnacle – and its rider to the podium. It thrives in racing, the red zone, the pointy end and the podium. It’s built for road racing, PRs, KOMs, and winning.

The Highlights:

Series 0 Carbon, low-drag SuperSix EVO frameset – Cannondale’s lightest, most advanced carbon construction ever.

Dura-Ace Di2 electronic 12-speed – Shimano’s flagship high-performance road group.

Cannondale SystemBar R-One – low drag, full carbon integrated bar/stem, co-developed with MomoDesign.

HollowGram R-SL 50 carbon wheelset – the ultimate light and fast road race wheelset.

Further info including pricing and options at

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 2 RLE

Road Reimagined: They are the two words Cannondale use to summarise the latest Synapse.

“Roll smooth, roll fast, roll confident. Wherever the road takes you, roll with Synapse – our most comfortable, all-around, up-for-anything, pure road machine,” they say. “The bike thrives in the open road, up & down hills, and those rough pavements. Built for comfort, handling and going long.”

700 U Synapse Crb 2 RLE – GRY


Lightweight Synapse Carbon Frameset / Full SmartSense system with radar and lights.

Shimano Ultegra Di2, 12-speed electronic group with hydraulic disc brakes.

Fulcrum Rapid Red 500 wheelset / FSA Gossamer handlebar.

Full details including options and pricing at

Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2 Lefty

Nothing is impassable.

The best dual-suspension gravel bike for rugged dirt roads and single track trails. With the Kingpin system and Lefty fork, nothing is off-limits. Thrives in gravel and dirt roads, rough pavement and trails. Built for gravel riding, back road exploring, bike packing and off-road adventures.


Lightweight Topstone Carbon frame with Kingpin suspension / Lefty Oliver gravel suspension fork, 30mm travel.

Shimano GRX 800/600 11-speed gravel group / DownLow dropper post.

WTB KOM Light rims.

More at


Cervelo S5
The S5 has one job—get to the line before everyone else. Under the likes of Wout van Aert, Marianne Vos, and Christophe LaPorte, the new model has already proven itself as a tool without equal.

In the 2022 Tour de France, this bike propelled Wout to the highest ever Points Classification score of the modern era. At 480, Wout was some 194 points ahead of his nearest rival—tangible proof that Cervélo keeps delivering aerodynamic gains to our World Tour athletes.

The new S5 has reduced drag by 65 grams, and increased the frame’s surface area while still reducing overall weight. The deeper frame sections maximize the shapes allowed by the UCI. Meanwhile the iconic V-stem has been further refined and a new fork designed to simplify the entire front end.

More at

Cervelo R5

R5 has one job—get to the top, fast. But for all the glory and fanfare that comes with a summit finish, they’re rarely the only climb of the day.

And while a race isn’t usually won on a descent, they can certainly be lost. A climbing bike that can’t carve a hairpin is a bit like a cup of decaf coffee.

This is the fourth iteration of the R5, and while weight and stiffness have varied over the years, the handling, poise, and unmatched prowess on a descent have been consistent since day one.

More at

Cervelo Soloist

The Soloist is a name from Cervelo’s past, but this one is a modern day classic.

Anyone familiar with bike racing memories extending back to the early-2000s will remember this classic. It was the weapon of choice for top World Tour contenders on CSC and the Cervelo Test Team, and it’s bringing it back for a new generation.

The new Soloist is designed for the week-in, week-out rider and racer who can only justify one high-performance bike. It balances light weight and aerodynamic advantages to deliver a bike that really is ‘just right’. Soloist comes in a hair lighter than S5, but significantly more aerodynamic than R5, and borrows the threaded bottom bracket standard you find on the R5-CX.

It’s a race bike that can accommodate mechanical and electronic shifting, can hammer out the training miles in all weather, and yet still has the chops to leap off the front at that decisive moment.

Find out more about the Soloist at


Chapter2 TOA

Prepare for a cycling revolution that took 2-½ years of meticulous development to craft – the TOA road bike, the pinnacle of CHAPTER2’s legacy. Derived from the Maori word meaning “to be victorious, win,” the TOA encapsulates triumph in every aspect.

Inspired by the revered TERE’s Performance All-Road DNA and the versatility of the AO, the TOA is a testament to aerodynamic perfection. With concealed cables and hoses, it boasts an aerodynamically seamless transition between the MANA Bar and the Kamm-Tail chassis.

Beneath its sleek exterior lies cutting-edge technology. It sports a T47 Bottom Bracket and an aluminum BB Shell intricately paired with high-tensile carbon for better stiffness and control.

Starting at just $4,899, the TOA frameset bundled with Integrated Carbon MANA bar delivers exceptional value. For those craving the epitome of cycling excellence, the flagship build with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 or SRAM Red AXS and Zipp Firecrest 303’s comes in at a very competitive $13,490.

More info at

Chapter2 KOKO

Soar to New Heights: Introducing the KOKO Aero Road Bike

Experience the exhilarating rush of pure speed with New Zealand company Chapter2 bikes’ top-tier Aero Road model, the KOKO. In Maori, KOKO means “to soar, fly,” and true to its name, this bike propels you through the air like a bird in flight. Air resistance is the ultimate factor that distinguishes a swift bike from one that effortlessly cuts through the wind, and the KOKO excels in this area.

What sets the KOKO apart is its adaptability to your personal needs and road conditions. With an adjustable compliance feature via a dual-position seat clamp configuration, you can switch from stiff to buttery smooth, giving you control over your ride quality.

Starting at just $5,199 for the KOKO frameset bundled with and integrated Carbon bar, the bike offers unbeatable value. The flagship build with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 or SRAM Red AXS and Zipp Firecrest 404s is available at a competitive $13,690.

More info at

Chapter2 KAHA

Embrace Controlled Speed: Unveiling the KAHA Gravel Racer.

Dive into the world of controlled speed with the innovative creation, the KAHA Gravel Racer from New Zealand company Chapter2 Bikes.

With fully integrated cabling through the MANA-GRVL Handlebar, an internal downtube storage compartment, and a meticulously crafted race-ready geometry, the KAHA is the epitome of balanced high-performance.

The KAHA frameset is priced from $5,799. The premium build with SRAM Force 1 AXS and Zipp 303 Ss is available at an enticing $9,990.

More info at


Elves Vanyar Pro Disc

Elves have recently launched their latest hill-climbing UCI approved frameset, the Vanyar Pro Disc 2024. Designed using a confluence of lightweight and race-sprinting stiffness, with aerodynamic efficiency and elegance to form a powerful all-round racing machine, suitable for tackling challenging terrains.

Elves have continued the aggressive, fast geometry of its predecessor, but enhanced the design with a sleek, fully integrated cockpit, delivering clean modern lines, improved aerodynamics, and a stiffer frameset.

Building on the precise responsiveness of the original Vanyar Pro, Elves updated design has carefully maintained key traits, whilst also implementing performance gains. A new steeper seat tube moves the rider’s weight directly above the crank aiding power transfer, whilst also opening the hip angle to allow for lower frontal profiles to reduce wind resistance. The race ready, hill-climbing geometry places the seat tube angle between 73.5 and 75 degrees (depending on size). The head tube angle sits between 72 and 73.5 degrees, allowing for an attacking, climbing and descending position.

Elves have increased the structural integrity throughout the design, resulting in a visually striking frame that is lighter and stronger.

Crafted with trusted Toray carbon fibre, the Vanyar Pro Disc frame is manufactured with T800 and reinforced with T1000 in key areas such as the bottom bracket and head tube, minimising power loss caused by flexing during pedalling.

Guarantee – 5 years: Frame and forks – 2 years: handlebars and wheelsets

Weight – 870g for 47cm unpainted frame without metal parts +/-30g.

Frames RRP for $1800 (plus delivery $150)

Elves Falath Evo

In February 2023, Elves launched their acclaimed industry disruptor UCI aero frame, the Falath Evo. With sharp aero lines and a range of innovative features and technical advancements, this frame stormed the industry, creating such unprecedented demand that Elves opened a second factory to fully unlock the growth.

The race-ready super-stiff aerodynamic road frame takes the outstanding performance of its predecessor, the Falath Pro, and enhances it with bold and innovative design thinking, positioning riders to transfer watts in raw power.

Key differences, compared to its predecessor, are that the Falath EVO boasts a thinner and taller downtube, along with a more aerodynamic seat-stay design. The top tube creates an illusion of an even more slammed front end, with a slightly lower handlebar drop producing a lower and more aerodynamic riding position, allowing for wind resistance and extreme rider comfort over distance.

Manufactured with Toray T800 and T1000 carbon fibre, the Falath Evo has been designed to accept up to 32c tyres. Elves’ rationale is that riders can choose to run lower pressures, with increased grip, confidence, comfort, and a reduced risk of pinch flats whilst offering a similar rolling resistance to narrower tyres. All of this comes with a negligible effect on real world performance, and often an improvement on roads that are not silky smooth. 

Guarantee – 5 years: Frame and forks – 2 years: handlebars and wheelsets.

Weight – 1005g for a 46cm unpainted frame without metal parts +/-30g. 

Frames have a RRP of $1800 (plus delivery $150).

More at



The new O2 VAM is an aero climbing bike – nothing else this light is as fast, nothing this fast is as light. It’s the ultimate choice for riders seeking performance on big days in the mountains, whether you’re riding the Étape du Tour or the Tour de France. 

The new O2 VAM is for everyone looking for an enhanced, faster ride experience on mountainous and hilly terrain, with quicker climbing, more confident descending, higher speed on the flats and greater comfort. It’s for gran fondo riders, racers, and those for whom a week in the mountains is the highlight of the year. If speed isn’t your priority, the increased efficiency will save you energy to ride further. 

Ride comfort has been increased by the external seatpost and ultra-thin toptube, which reduces to 10mm to promote controlled deflection at the saddle over bumps. The riding position has also evolved, with a 10mm increase in stack height across the size range in response to customer fit data. 

The handling geometry is identical to the well proven OSTRO VAM, which pros and customers alike have raved about. A consistent 57mm trail figure is achieved across all seven sizes thanks to four different fork offsets. The new frame is complemented by the all-new, 1,146g Black Inc 28//33 wheelset with carbon fibre spokes. Complete builds weigh from 6.2kg (size 54, Dura-Ace Di2). More – including current pricing – at


The OSTRO VAM is an ‘everything’ bike, a master of all trades. Searingly fast, incredibly light, and supremely comfortable, it’s ready to win sprints, mountain stages and cobbled Classics.

The OSTRO VAM is an aero disc-brake frame which weighs just 830g (painted, size 54, Chrome design). Factor has used the very best materials to reach such a low weight, laying up the ultimate carbon materials perfectly to ensure low weight, responsive ride, and durability. It can easily be built up to below the UCI 6.8kg weight limit, that means that the aero advantages come without the usual weight penalty.

As an aero racing bike that has proven itself on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix, the OSTRO VAM will also be ideal for the roughest, longest roads. Its remarkably smooth ride is thanks to several factors. First, the carbon fibre choice and layup combine to achieve a high level of frame compliance without sacrificing any of the power transfer efficiency. At the rear, the pencil thin seat stays are designed to absorb road noise and cushion bumps. And the ability to fit up to 32mm wide tyres only enhances the OSTRO’s comfort-oriented design features. More at


The OSTRO Gravel is the ultimate gravel racing bike that combines elite gravel performance with best-in-class aerodynamics. FACTOR has applied its road and time trial expertise to construct a bike that is fast across a variety of surfaces. Designed with high-end gravel racing in mind, the OSTRO Gravel combines elite aerodynamics with gravel riding/racing design details to deliver a gravel bike that is in a class of its own.

Providing tyre clearance of up to 45mm and weighing in at 900g (size 54 fully painted frame in Naked Grunge), the OSTRO Gravel draws inspiration from FACTOR’s highly successful Tour de France stage-winning OSTRO VAM and adapts it for the nuances of gravel racing in the form of lower speed aerodynamics, more rugged construction, geometry an  handling, and versatile mounting options. 

Constructed from a blend of TeXtreme, Toray and Nippon Graphite pitch-based fibre, the OSTRO Gravel balances FACTOR’s signature lightweight design with a strengthened layup to handle the challenging conditions of gravel racing. A T47A threaded bottom bracket, rounded steerer tube, and fully-internal cabling further maximise the OSTRO Gravel’s security and robustness, while multiple mounting points provide versatile mounting options for essential gravel accessories.   

More, including the model range & pricing, at



Race for the win with the Breed Carbon, a race-ready rig with a modern geometry and frame profile that offers a wide range of set-up options.

The bike will accommodate a dropper post and suspension fork as your riding needs evolve. In its stock build, the 1x SRAM Force eTap AXS groupset provides a great gear range for the hardest days training or racing. 

RRP: BREED ADV Carbon Force 1 e-Tap AXS RRP $10995.

RACE-WORTHY SPEED WITH A MORE ACCESSIBLE BUILD An aero race bike is an exceptional addition to a performance-oriented rider’s stable. For hard training efforts and your Strava segment hunting, you’ve got a perfect solo-effort rig.  For race day, the AR provides the platform that’ll deliver glory. 

Paired with Shimano’s 105 Di2 groupset, this latest model version sells with a RRP of $8495.


Izalco Max

Speed is what the IZALCO MAX stands for? You being fast on an IZALCO MAX is what Focus are all about. Therefore everything about the IZALCO MAX is fast – uncompromisingly fast.

Where marginal gains count, we have made our fastest road bike ever! It is the perfect composition of aerodynamics, stiffness and weight for those who don’t compromise on speed in any situation. With the IZALCO MAX, there are no slow rides. It is truly the essence of pace.

More at

Focus Paralane

The PARALANE opens up a new dimension of road cycling. It is our definition of comfort. The PARALANE is made to go further!

A durable carbon road bike, even though it calls endurance home, that also impresses in terms of speed and aerodynamics. Your fast yet versatile daily companion all year round. At your pace and on your route – whatever that may be.

Focus Atlas

When appointments and stress seem to have control over your life, it is more important than ever to find moments to escape.

And to celebrate the little moments when you can just take a deep breath and let go of all your worries. No matter if it’s a gravel commute through the forest or a short weekend trip with your friends by bike.

This bike is built to accompany your escape into nature. Together with your ATLAS, you will handle everything on the way. It is like a reliable good old friend.

Whether in bad weather conditions or on demanding surfaces, when suffering during steep climbs or going the really long distances – this gravel bike offers full control and maximum versatility.

More at



The all-new Propel range is that it’s built to win races. Big races. There’s a reason why this aero road machine made its public debut at the 2022 Tour de France. This is a bike that has been engineered to give pros like Dylan Groenewegen and Michael Matthews of Team BikeExchange-Jayco a competitive advantage when it matters most.

After years of engineering and development, followed by additional testing at smaller races earlier this year, Groenewegen introduced the new Propel Advanced SL to the world with one of the biggest wins of his career at Stage 3 of the Tour. The Dutchman beat some of the world’s best sprinters in a photo finish. Thirteen days later, Matthews proved that the new Propel can do more than sprint, when he won a grueling, hilly Stage 14 with a dramatic solo attack.

For fast finishers like Groenewegen and Matthews, winning or not winning often comes down to those hectic moments in the closing kilometres. Positioning, chasing, attacking. Bumping elbows, leaning hard through technical corners, blasting ahead of the field. This is where the new Propel surges ahead of the pack.

More at

Giant TCR

The all-new TCR range is the result of a team effort involving Giant engineers and product developers, leading aerodynamics experts, and some of today’s top professional racers. Ever since it made its debut more than 20 years ago as a controversial race bike with compact geometry and a radical new look compared to all other race bikes of that era, the TCR has continually pushed the limits of performance. It has been a staple in the pro peloton since 1998, earning wins at major races around the world for more than two decades.

To create the fastest TCR ever, our team established a nearly impossible goal: Make it even more efficient. To do that, we focused on three key performance factors: class-leading efficiency, advanced aerodynamics and total control. We analyzed every aspect of the bike, from raw materials to all-new manufacturing processes.

In the end, after several years of research, design and development, the new TCR has proven to be significantly more aerodynamic than the previous generation while retaining its best-in-class stiffness-to-weight ratio. Every tube shape has been modified to reduce drag without adding a single gram or compromising the qualities that have made TCR a leading pro-level race bike for two decades. Read on to learn about all the engineering, aerodynamic development and technical details that make this the fastest TCR ever.

More at


GIOS Leggero Disc Frameset

The Gios Leggero Disc Frameset is a high-performance road bike frame made from lightweight and stiff carbon fibre. The frame features an aerodynamic tube shape, internal cable routing, and flat-mount disc brake compatibility for superior stopping power. 

The frameset includes a full carbon fork with a tapered steerer tube, a seatpost, a headset, and a bottom bracket. This frameset is perfect for riders who prioritise speed and agility, and want a high-performance bike that’s designed for responsive handling and confident stopping power in any conditions.

Materials and Specs



SIZE 480/500/520/540/570mm(CT)


RRP: Leggero frameset  $2899

Leggero ‘75th Anniversary Edition’ framest $3299

The Leggero 105 Di2 disc has an RRP of $5499

Aerolite Neo Disc

The Gios Aerolite Neo Disc Frameset is a high-performance road bike frame made from high modulus 30T unidirectional carbon. 

The frame features aerodynamic tube shapes and flat-mount disc brake compatibility for superior braking power. The frameset includes a full carbon fork with a tapered steerer tube, a seatpost, headset, and stem. 

This frameset is perfect for riders who prioritise speed and stiffness, and want a high-performance bike that’s designed for aerodynamics and responsive handling.




SIZE 480/500/520/540/560/580(CT)

WEIGHT 1100g(FRAME) 380g(FORK)

RRP Frameset $2899

Aero Lite 105 DI 2  12sp  Disc Brake  $5499

Aero Lite  ultegra  DI 2  12sp  Disc Brake  $6999

Further details at

GT Grade Carbon X

The original is back! Generation three of Cannondale’s gravel-pioneering Grade has been redesigned with more capability than ever before. With evolved geometry, increased tyre clearance, and 30mm of “gravel-travel” thanks to TripleTriangle. Grade offers more control for riders focused on the fun of expedition, not the stress of competition.

A carbon gravel bike with no limits for adventures with no plan. Go faster, farther and funner with Rockshox Rudy XPLR 40mm travel fork and 50mm Trans-X dropper post.

More at



Utilising LOOK’s decades of expertise in carbon manufacturing and high-performance design, the all-round racing-focused 795 Blade RS was developed and tested over the 2022 and 2023 WorldTour seasons in collaboration with the pro racers and technicians at Team Cofidis.  

LOOK’s Research and Development team worked closely with Team Cofidis during training camps and throughout the WorldTour season to fine-tune the geometry and responsiveness of the bike, as well as to optimise the design for the durability and maintenance requirements of a demanding race environment. Team Cofidis’ ongoing feedback ensures that LOOK’s latest bikes not only perform at the highest level of racing but offer unmatched practicality and long-term reliability.  

The new iteration of LOOK’s 795 Blade RS features significant upgrades in the areas of carbon layup and incorporates the tried and tested construction techniques and technology deployed by LOOK’s Olympic-medal-winning T20 track bike. The 795 Blade RS utilises Ultra High Modulus Carbon for overall lightness and stiffness, with specific sections of the frame such as the seat stays, attachment points and bottle cage position developed for optimised aerodynamics. These developments allow the new 795 Blade RS to be 7 per cent stiffer and 10 per cent more aerodynamic than the previous model. 

While the geometry is race-oriented, the 795 Blade RS has been designed for easy adjustments to accommodate different rider sizes or preferences without compromising racing performance. LOOK’s aero cockpit has been developed for versatility and ergonomics, allowing for different stem and handlebar sizes to be easily interchanged and customised to suit individual rider needs.

The frameset has a RRP of $6700. Full details at


LOOK’s 765 Gravel RS is constructed using a high-modulus carbon frame and fork, using LOOK’s unrivalled expertise in carbon manufacture and design in order to provide a race-bred yet predictable ride. 

The UCI-approved frame boasts a geometry that is equally at home on the road as it is on bridleways, fire roads and even on the cyclocross course, with the inclusion of specially-designed 3D Wave seatstays to improve compliance through the rear of the bike.

This design has the form of a wave shape that allows for 15 per cent more vertical flexion without sacrificing lateral stiffness compared to a traditional seatstay, thereby preserving the responsiveness of the bike while at the same time improving comfort. The increased vertical flexion also delivers greater traction and control in varying gravel conditions.

The chainstays are asymmetrical with a dropped drive side stay to provide the opportunity to run either a single or double chainset, as well as wider capacity for both 700c and 650b standard wheels. The 765 Gravel RS can accommodate up to 700c x 40mm and 650b x 55mm tyres.

The racing credentials of the 765 Gravel RS are confirmed with fittings for four bottle cages as well as brackets for a top tube ‘Bento’ style storage system. Speedy wheel changes in the heat of a race are also made easy thanks to compatibility with Mavic’s SpeedRelease axles. The frameset is lightweight: the frame tips the scales at just 1.2kg and the fork only 350g.

The 765 RS is available from $6570.

More at


Scultura 9000

The perfect combination of low weight, razor-sharp handling, aerodynamic efficiency and class-leading comfort – welcome to the latest SCULTURA 9000.

Equipped with some of the best components from SRAM, Reynolds and Continental, the SCULTURA 9000 is as much at home at the races as it is on your challenging club runs and long training sessions on the open road. This bike symbolises ‘streamlined race compliance’.

The Scultura 9000 retails from $9,299

Merida Scultura 8000

The MERIDA  Scultura achieves the ideal blend of lightweight, endurance-enhancing comfort, and aerodynamic performance, making it MERIDA’s most well-balanced road bike yet.  

The SCULTURA 8000 combines impressive climbing performance, razor-sharp handling, aerodynamic efficiency and class-leading compliance. 

A fantastic spec package from Shimano, FSA, Reynolds and Continental, in conjunction with MERIDA’s newly designed frame, give this bike the edge over the competition. 

The Scultura 8000 retails from $6,499.

More at

Merida Silex 7000

The SILEX turns any ride into an adventure, whether you’re on a multi-day gravel bikepacking mission or just taking the fun route to work. The latest version builds on the test-winning pedigree of the original SILEX but adds even more off-road capability, thanks to a slacker head angle and boosted tyre clearance of up to 700×45 mm or even 42 mm with fenders.

The MERIDA Silex 7000’s carbon frame and fork are paired with Shimano’s benchmark GRX 12-speed mechanical groupset and a reliable Easton EA70 AX aluminium wheelset to deliver a high-performance but superb value gravel adventure machine. Whether you’re heading into the unknown or exploring your backyard, MERIDA’s blend of multi-mount versatility and confident mountain bike-inspired handling will have you covered.

The Silex 7000 retails from $4299.

Further model details at


Orbea Orca 

From the stables of the world’s oldest bike company come the following impressive steeds, two Orbea road bikes and the Terra, their ever-impressive and super-capable gravel offering.

First to the Orca, a bike that isn’t just light. At just 6.7kg this is a bespoke blend of specialist climbing technology designed to change how your reach the top.

The feeling of a bike this light and efficient is unbeatable, and the instant acceleration, vibration absorption and responsive handling come a frame which knows where it needs to be light and where it needs to be stiff. Welcome to the ultimate climbing machine.

Achieving Orca’s light weight required many marginal gains, focusing on the details and using the best materials across the range. But having the lightest bike is worth nothing if it isn’t stiff and efficient. When Orbea designed the 2024 Orca, they started with a target rigidity to ensure that event the strongest climbers could be sure of efficient power transmission.

For more – including the full product range, RRP’s and colour custom options through MyO, visit

Orbea Orca Aero

It’s hard to beat the sensation of power that comes from a great aero bike. That rider is ambivalent about a machine that is designed to give back free watts? Is there a competitor who doesn’t grasp every last advantage in the battle for speed? Orca Aero delivers these prizes – along with the willingness to go all-out, all day without hesitation. Long live the bikes that balances the emotional and rational desires inside each of us.

For more – including the full product range, RRP’s and colour custom options through MyO, visit

Orbea Terra

Designed from the ground up for the gravel, the Terra isn’t a repurposed road bike or a slimmed down mountain bike. Add comfort to your road adventures, finally discover where that dirt trail leads or let your trips spread overnight. 

There is a world out there and Terra is ready to explore it with you. Gravel is a universe of different users and terrains. 

For that reason, Terra is a complete platform with different models in aluminium and carbon, offering the most inclusive solutions that won’t leave anyone guessing.

For more – including the full product range, RRP’s and colour custom options through MyO, visit

Ribble Cycles

Ribble Endurance SL R Hero

The Endurance SL R Hero is Ribble’s signature carbon endurance bike; this high-performance frameset is superlight (frame sub 900g) and the truncated aerofoil profile of the tubes makes it the lightest and one of the fastest packages Ribble offers.

UCI-approved the Endurance SL R Disc’s advanced carbon construction gives it a previously unachievable stiffness-to-weight ratio that makes it searingly fast when climbing or sprinting.

Ribble’s top-spec build includes components that have been handpicked for their performance-enhancing credentials and includes the wireless electronic shifting precision of Shimano’s flagship Dura-Ace 2×12 series transmission, superlight ENVE Road Foundation 45 carbon wheels matched with super-fast rolling Continental GP5000 AS TR tyres and the aero-enhancing attributes of the LEVEL 5 carbon integrated handlebar.

Ridden by our female Pro Team and can be seen put through its paces at the TDU ‘2024.

RRP at

Gravel SL Pro

Ribble’s Gravel SL Pro offers all-out speed, agility and fun. Wherever your off-road rides take you, the Gravel SL goes all-out with breathtaking performance and style. Its lightweight yet robust carbon monocoque construction and aero frame shapes have been designed to carry speed over the most extreme trails while maintaining a planted feel on technical terrain.

Recent winner of gravel bike of the year 2023 – Best of British – the Pro edition has carefully selected high-end components with weight-saving characteristics which further enhance the Gravel SL’s gravel racer credentials. Including the electronic shifting precision and gravel-specific ergonomics of Shimano’s GRX815 Di2 gear system, lightweight Mavic Cosmic SL 45 carbon wheels fitted with Schwalbe G-One Allround tyres and a premium finishing kit that includes the drag-saving LEVEL 5 carbon integrated handlebar system for super-clean, cable-free aesthetics and flared drops for enhanced control and confidence over even the most extreme of terrains.

Pricing at

Ribble Ultra SL R Hero

Ribble’s pioneering Ultra SL R and flagship model is the result of an extensive and groundbreaking R&D program aimed at creating the ultimate race machine and fastest bike in the world. Ribble’s design team utilised market leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD), wind tunnel testing and real world analysis to perfect each and every aspect of the design.  

The Ultra SL R has been designed to maximise and manipulate the airflow to generate a significant performance gain across a full range of crosswinds. Every section of the frame, fork, seat post and bars has been aerodynamically optimised and with particular attention made to component integration.  

The aerodynamic and ergonomic Ultra aero handlebars have been designed with wake generating technology to create a drag reduction zone (DRZ). The lightweight and super-stiff handlebars have been optimised aerodynamically in the drop and hood positions, maxmising control, grip and comfort.  

Ridden by Ribble Collective and Pro Team riders this bike is fast and has been successfully performing on the world stage.

Full builds start at 7.6kg.

Pricing and further details at

Santa Cruz


With its carbon frame, progressive geometry and downtube ‘Glovebox’, the Stigmata is an impressive first-release dropbar bike from Santa Cruz.

The Stigmata blurs the lines between free-roading drop bar singletrack slicer and buckled down race-winning gravel machine.

It’s designed for the rider lining up for The Big Event, escaping via the road less travelled or who can’t help themselves from finding the hardest way there. Whether your style is baggy or zipped up, the Stigmata is the fast and loose riding partner that’s always ready to rise to the occasion. 

More at


Tarmac SL8 

The Tarmac SL8 creates unprecedented speed with a combination of aerodynamics, lightweight, and ride quality previously thought impossible. After eight generations and over two decades of development, it’s more than the fastest Tarmac ever.

Aerodynamics or lightweight alone won’t win races-speed is what matters. Delivering that speed requires creating an uncompromising combination of aerodynamics, lightweight, stiffness, and compliance. Through complex simulations using real world data our Ride Science team knows the Tarmac SL8 is the fastest race bike ever made on the routes that matter.

Aerodynamic: 16.6 seconds faster over 40km – The most aero road bike Specialized have ever made. 

Lightweight: 685g frame

Ride Quality: 33 per cent Improved stiffness-to-weight & 6 per cent smoother

Price wise, the wide range of Tarmac models are priced from $8,900 through to $19,900.

Roubaix SL8

Specialized created the endurance road category two decades ago proving that high ergonomics means high performance. Today, they say the new Roubaix SL8 with Future Shock 3.0 is lighter, faster, and smoother than any road bike ever made, unleashing unmatched confidence.

The new Roubaix SL8 debuts an all-new Future Shock 3.0. For the first time, Future Shock can be easily tuned so every rider-regardless of position on the bike-can get 20mm of smooth, vibration-free travel.

The S-Works Roubaix SL8 has a RRP of $19,900. The Roubaix range tapers down to an entry level alloy framed version priced at $4,500.

Compliance: The bike features the unique Future 3.0 stem system.

Capability: 38c tyre clearance.

Performance: 825g frame weight.

Diverge STR

With front and rear Future Shock suspension, the new Diverge STR delivers compliance without compromise.

By suspending the rider—instead of the bike—Future Shock technology increases control and efficiency while decreasing fatigue, so you’ll be riding farther and faster over chunkier terrain than you believed possible and the Diverge STR does this without the weight, sluggish pedal response, and inefficiency of other suspension systems. 

Key Points:

Suspend the Rider: Front and rear Future Shock Suspension

Capability: 47c tyre clearance and SWAT Storage

Lightweight: 1050g frame.

The Diverge STR Expert is listed with a RRP of $10,500

For the full model range and pricing options visit 


RaceMax Italia

Italy is known for an indescribable flair that blends performance with elegance, a perspective that creates sleek, beautiful, and timeless designs while pushing the boundaries of innovation. It’s about appearing effortlessly calm, cool, and relaxed, a true Italian essence.

The Racemax Italia embodies this spirit, aiming to redefine what an aero bike can be. It pioneers a fully aero-minded gravel bike, seeing itself far ahead of the competition.

The tribute to Italian heritage extends beyond carbon fibre craftsmanship to the choice of paint colours, representing the Tricolour – Green, White, and Red. This symbolic nod to the national flag captures the essence of Italian style.

The bike is available in four sizes: 51, 54, 56, and 58. Tyre clearance is generous, accommodating up to 45mm WAM/355mm RAM for 700c wheels and up to 60mm WAM/355mm RAM for 650b wheels in a 1x configuration.

In summary, the Racemax Italia captures the essence of Italian craftsmanship, blending tradition and innovation, and redefines the possibilities of aero gravel bikes with its stylish and high-performance design.

For latest pricing and further details visit

RaceMax Ultra

The Ultra represents an ongoing evolution in gravel biking, building on the legacy of the Exploro’s introduction in 2016. Back then, aero gravel was a radical concept, often seen as distinct from road cycling.

For most riders, the need to seamlessly transition between gravel and paved roads is a daily reality, and this is where the Ultra excels.

A high-performance gravel bike, like the Ultra, must thrive on rugged terrain and smooth pavement, preserving the joy of fast riding. This philosophy led to the success of the Exploro and groundbreaking Exploro Racemax in 2020.

The Ultra caters to riders seeking more from their terrain, be it challenging gravel, rutted roads, or demanding singlet rack. It offers unmatched versatility, accommodating tyre widths from 35-61mm, with a focus on the upper end of that range.

To enhance the riding experience, the Ultra features a wider downtube neck, optimising aerodynamics for larger tires. The seat tube seamlessly blends aero design with practicality, supporting standard, dropper, or suspension seat posts, allowing riders to tailor their setup.

The Ultra offers the option of wide 700c or even wider 650b tyres for a responsive, agile, and enjoyable ride on various surfaces.

For latest pricing and further details visit


The new Strada continued to raise the bar in terms of speed, aerodynamics, and comfort when it was launched in 2022, taking advantage of the UCI rules to become even faster. One of its standout features is its impeccable internal cable routing, achieving a streamlined look without any aero penalties, a true testament to modern design and innovation.

The New Strada concept is based on two key zones: the “speed zone” at the front and the “comfort zone” at the rear. In the speed zone, the focus is on optimising aerodynamics, ensuring peak performance where it matters most. The Strada retains its unmatched aero comfort, delivering a smooth and efficient ride that’s perfect for long-distance cyclists and racers alike.

In terms of drivetrain options, the New Strada offers separate dedicated versions for 1x and 2x systems, providing flexibility for riders with different preferences and riding styles.

For 3T Strada pricing and further details visit


Alpe d’Huez (ADH), ‘The Ultimate Road Bike

TIME design all their models with performance in mind. For road cycling, the Alpe d’Huez has the perfect balance of low weight, high efficiency, and responsive handling.

The ADH has short chainstays and robust torsional rigidity. The Alpe d’Huez is the ultimate road bike. 

Refer to the TIME website for current pricing.

Alpe d’Huez (ADHX), Versatility for Road and Gravel

As flexibility becomes paramount, chainstays lengthen, and a small margin of reactivity is traded for additional tyre clearance. It’s this “allroad” machine that has to deliver the goods in the broadest variety of conditions. For cyclists looking to add variety to their riding, a 35-38c file tread on a lightweight tyre casing offers a great deal of comfort and control on smooth dirt without feeling ponderous on the pavement. TIME designed the ADHX for the gravel curious and those who want the versatility for road cycling.

Refer to the TIME website for current pricing.

Alpe d’Huez 45 (ADHX 45), Full-on Gravel Slayer

TIME designed the ADHX 45 to be a “full-on gravel slayer”. Cyclists who spend most of their time on unimproved roads will appreciate the volume and traction offered by a 45c tyre for the ADHX 45. Gravel-oriented frames achieve the necessary tyre clearance by thinning and lengthening the seatstays and chainstays and widening the fork’s crown. The resulting increase in frame deflection paired with the vibration absorption and traction of larger tyres make light work of rough roads, even as they render the ADHX 45 less suited to asphalt. 

Unique Technologies, Unparalleled Expertise – Designed and  Made in Europe.

The processes used at TIME are unique in the bicycle industry. Not because they are unproven or secret (they are relatively common in aerospace and high-end automotive) but because they’re expensive and require a different level of commitment, equipment, and training.

TIME has taken this road from the beginning, compiling decades of skill and unique engineering experience. With this “outsider” perspective, we acknowledge that industry-standard techniques can produce a light, reactive, and comfortable frame that rides well. Still, in the context of composites engineering, TIME’s products are superior. This opinion isn’t theirs alone; it’s shared by carbon engineers the world over – our manufacturing processes yield a product that is safer, smarter, and stronger.

Full current pricing and further details on the TIME range visit


Domane AL, SL, SLR & E-Assist ‘+’

The Domane is a performance road bike that delivers incredible endurance comfort without sacrificing speed. Wherever you ride it – tarmac roads, hard-packed gravel, or the cobblestones of the world’s greatest one-day races – the Domane family is smooth, fast, and fun. 

The Domane was developed in collaboration with the pros of Lidl Trek to create a race-ready bike that’s fast and capable enough for the world’s most epic events – including the infamous Paris-Roubaix, where Elisa Long-Borghini and Lizzie Deignan raced the Domane to victory two years in a row. 

Trek have three Domanes to choose from. Looking to do a little more? Electric Domane + models offer the same Domane comfort that you know and love, plus a natural-feeling electric assist that flattens hills, shrinks long distances, and lets you feel like you’re riding with a tailwind.

The Domane range is broad with bikes having an RRP of $1,599 through to $18,999. More – including full pricing – at

Checkpoint ALR, SL, SLR 

The Checkpoint is made for adventure, whether you’re racing Unbound Gravel, bikepacking on a remote logging road, or cruising down the bike path. It’s fast, comfortable, and smooth, and its versatile design ensures that you’ll reach all the places you dream of exploring on two wheels. 

Available in race-focused carbon SLR models, exploration-focused SL models, and alloy ALR models that are super fun on gravel rides, everyday commutes and more. 

The Checkpoint SLR is the lightest gravel bike in Trek’s line-up and designed to take on the gnarliest of gravel races and be super-fast. It’s built with a 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame, 45 mm tyre clearance, frame storage options and progressive geometry.

Priced from $2,999 to $12,999. More at

Madone SL and SLR

From a legacy of greatness comes a new standard of speed. Seven generations in the making, the Madone SLR is the fastest and lightest Madone disc ever, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a triple threat of unprecedented aerodynamics, exceptional ride quality, and lightweight design. This race-ready bike is complete with IsoFlow technology that gives you every advantage in speed and handling. 

Trek set out to make Madone the fastest road bike in the world. Years of research and development informed every aerodynamic inch of the seventh-generation Madone SLR to create a frame, cockpit and rider position that’s a whopping 19 watts faster than the previous generation at 45km/h

Every element of the Gen 7 model includes a new generation of Kammtail tube shapes, an aero-optimised cockpit and a lightweight design of Trek’s best OCLV Carbon shaves around 300 grams off the previous ultra-lightweight version. 

All-new IsoFlow technology soaks up fatiguing bumps in the road so you can ride stronger for longer. A race-focused evolution of IsoSpeed comfort, IsoFlow flexes over bumps for a smoother ride, improves aerodynamics, and shaves weight. Madone RRP’s range from $7,999 to $19,999 –


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