Riding the tyres over a mix of surfaces - from smooth black top bitumen to cobbles, to coarse gravel paths - the tyres have performed faultlessly. Image: Nat Bromhead.

Two Cycliq Front & Rear HD Light & Camera Combos On Offer – Enter Here

Safety – it’s our prime concern when cycling, something each of us should consider each and every time we clip in, set off and ride.

This month Bicycling Australia have teamed up with Cycliq, an Aussie company that’s fast-becoming a world leader in a specific aspect of cycling safety – lights and cameras on bikes.

Front And Rear Cameras Make Perfect Sense

With more people cycling, but also more traffic on our roads and a seemingly ever-increasing number of incidents between some motorists and cyclists, bike-mounted camera and light combos are an absolute no brainer … they make perfect sense.

Many have seen the Cycliq videos showing varying incidents on our roads – from inadvertent close passes to ‘punishment passes’ to outright road rage. From the now infamous video of the kangaroo that came ever-so-close to taking out a South Australian cyclist, to camera footage being used in court as evidence, to edge-of-seat action from the criterium track, these brilliant little cameras record it all.


Capturing The Good Times As Well

Of course the cameras also capture the good times of cycling. Using the latest technology the video footage can be overlaid with Strava metrics and mapping data to create incredible cycling stories and memories.

Described as being akin to front and rear dash cams for cyclists, the Fly12 and Fly6 capture every moment and many simply won’t ride without one.

Win A Fly12 & Fly6

Bicycling Australia are offering two lucky people the chance to win a Fly12, a full HD camera & bike light, and a Fly6, a rear HD camera & safety light, worth $638.

To be in the draw all you need to do is follow the link and tell us why you’d like to win the camera/light combo units.

Safety is a strong theme with early responses including the following –

‘Because I want to grow old with my beautiful loving wife, and the thought of anything less is unimaginable.’

‘I would like to win as I am not confident cycling on the roads up in NT. Technology like this would make me feel more inclined to get out and about.’

‘I just want to share some of the crazy i see everyday with a few others so they can learn respect for their fellow road users.’

‘Cycling is life, and life is empty without cycling. Would love to share my daily 120km rides with as many as possible.’

‘I already have both but would donate them to a worthy cycling organisation to auction.’

You can enter the draw by clicking here.

Check out Cycliq’s range of bike cameras here.

The competition closes at midnight on October 8th 2017. Winners will be contacted by Yaffa Media and announced in the Bicycling Australia eNewsletter. Entrants agree to have their email address added to the Bicycling Australia eNewsletter mailing list, and we guarantee your personal data will never be shared with any third parties.


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Riding the tyres over a mix of surfaces - from smooth black top bitumen to cobbles, to coarse gravel paths - the tyres have performed faultlessly. Image: Nat Bromhead.

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