Peter Sagan won the Grand Prix de Quebec in an intense sprint finish. Image: Peter Sagan.

FIRST LOOK: New Specialized Roubaix & Ruby Models Released

For years we have heard Specialized tell us ‘smoother is faster’ and now, with the release of their latest Roubaix and Ruby models, they have taken that adage a giant leap forward.

Reworking a legendary bike is no easy feat but the latest Roubaix and Ruby would appear to be instant classics. With a host of upgrades thanks to years of research, development and fine tuning, the standout feature is their ‘Futureshock’ front end shock absorber system that will undoubtebly create a smoother, more comfortable experience across a range of riding situations.

The key features of the new Roubaix and Ruby include –

  • ‘Futureshock’ between stem and steerer. This offers up to 20mm of downward shock absorption with 3 varying spring tensions available. The bike is assembled with a ‘medium’ spring and shipped with two others, light and stiff.
  • Lighter Frame.
  • Shorter wheelbase.
  • Lower riding positions
  • Disc brake only.
  • A stiffer overall frame.

Having worked closely with McLaren of Formula 1 fame, Specialized say they have focused heavily on data-driven design.

“To understand the reality of a problem, you need sound data,” they say in the product release. “And this can only be derived from hundreds of hours of testing.”

Top line Roubaix and Ruby models come equipped with a ‘SWAT’ integrated compartment that attaches to the lower down tube. This offers storage for essentials such as a small toolkit, a tube, tyre levers and spare air.

Along with the release Specialized have announced their new Roval CLX 32 wheelset. Among the lightest carbon clinchers ever produced by the company, they have been crafted around a 26mm tire shape and are said to offer stability on descents, responsiveness when the power is turned on and lower rolling resistance for greater speed.

Price wise in Australia, the new bikes will be –

ROUBAIX COMP $4,100.00
ROUBAIX SL4 RIM $2,300.00
SW ROUBAIX ETAP $11,500.00
RUBY COMP $4,100.00
RUBY ELITE $3,300.00
RUBY EXPERT UDI2 $6,600.00
RUBY SL4 RIM $2,300.00
SW RUBY ETAP $11,500.00

Smoother, faster, better? It sure looks like it. Bicycling Australia will have more information when we take a first-hand look at both bikes over coming days.






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Peter Sagan won the Grand Prix de Quebec in an intense sprint finish. Image: Peter Sagan.

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