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Hasus Wind Rider Blades

Hasus has been making casual and performance cycling shoes for over 20 years. ‘High quality plus price plus innovation’ is their catchcry and it seems their Wind Rider Blades blend these three tenets quite well.

The Wind Riders are designed for customers looking for a high quality, low weight shoe and doesn’t want to pay top dollar sometimes associated with the top brands.

Sole Australian importer WhyCycle Imports developed the Wind Riders in consultation with Hasus to suit a broader Australian foot.

The Wind Riders are all synthetic with a glossy finish to the uppers that makes cleaning a breeze. The reflective detail on the heel to enhance safety during night rides is a nice touch. The clear resin of the 3K weave on the carbon sole looks deep enough to dive into and has cleat positioning marks printed on the sole to assist with alignment. There’s an effective stainless steel mesh vent in the toe of the sole, and paired with the many ventilation holes in the upper it allowed plenty of air to flow through—great for warmer weather, though perhaps some shoe covers might be needed in the depths of winter.

These shoes have seen a couple of minor design revisions along the way after feedback from customers; from increasing the width of the last, to softening the cuff of the shoe to provide more comfort for those with a lower arched foot who may find it difficult to find comfortable shoes.

Finding the balance between comfort and security is important when it comes to the height of the cuff and heel cup so the shoe doesn’t slip off the back of your heel, and doesn’t rub on the lateral and medial malleolus (bony knobs on the sides of your ankle). I found the Wind Riders provided a good grip on my heel, the nicely shaped cup keeping things snug and secure.

Inside too, the Wind Riders are very well finished. Stitching of the lining and padding is tidy and there are no loose threads to be seen. The inner sole is well padded and has an arch support built in for extra comfort and a perforated section that pairs with the mesh toe vent in the carbon sole.

I found the sole to be supremely stiff and a great link between me and the pedals, transferring power without question. It’s not all about the sole though, and without a well-shaped, well-secured upper section the stiffest sole can be compromised. The Wind Riders have bases covered here. Three straps; two Velcro and one plastic ratchet type ensure a firm, secure fit. The ratchet clasp looks a little cheap but does the job well enough.

One of the key considerations in cycling shoes is to make sure the rider’s foot is firmly secured and cannot slip around inside the shoe, to provide a stable base that allows safe riding and of course effective power transmission. I found these shoes to be very comfortable, holding my foot securely in place with no slipping and at a surprisingly low level of strap tension. I have worn ill-fitting shoes that required me to ratchet up the tension to the point where circulation was compromised and my toes felt bunched up like fingers in a Mark Latham handshake. The Wind Riders even allowed my toes some wiggle room while still holding my foot perfectly in place.

It pays to spend good money on good shoes; bad fitting shoes will make every ride less than pleasant.

At 540 g per pair, in black or white, and just $260 the Hasus Wind Rider Blades will be a welcome addition to the kit of broad-footed riders who are in the market for top quality shoes at a sensible price.



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