Team UAE riders at the Tour de France with their Scicon reusable face masks.

Pro Add New Saddles, Bars, Bags And Gravel Gear To Range

PRO have expanded their range of saddles, gravel bags and handlebars for 2021, the company announcing upgrades to a swathe of products as you’ll see here.

The company say the upgrades will assist with improving comfort, control, aerodynamics, speed, endurance “and the ability to embark on epic adventures await riders looking to outperform.”

“The newly designed Performance and Team Falcon, Griffon and Turnix saddles are based on saddle shapes that riders have come to know and trust from PRO,” said Mark Kikkert, Product Development Team Lead at PRO.

“When adapting tried and tested products, which have proven themselves already, we always exercise caution. But we felt the new PRO saddles better suit modern bikes and are more comfortable due to their optimised overall length and anatomic recess area.” 

“The PRO Vibe Aero Alloy handlebars meanwhile build on a history of strength for the brand. We learn from our athletes and customers; as well as incorporating the findings of the product engineers, who are avid riders themselves. This is the ideal combination to make the world’s most advanced products for road cycling. This year we tried to make aero available for everyone, but did not sacrifice on ergonomics either. 

“The PRO gravel bags also get an upgrade for 2021. The Discover Team bags are durable, light weight, fully waterproof bags are a great addition to our already strong line-up of gravel- and other bags we have in this category.”

New PRO Falcon, TurnixGriffon and Stealth Sport saddles 

Headlining the new product launch are the reengineered PRO saddles. Building on the popularity of the PRO Stealth saddle the new Falcon, Turnix and Griffon saddles blend a traditional saddle length with the latest research into pressure mapping of the contact point between riders and the saddle. Each of these new saddles are designed for a particular style of rider and cyclists can help determine which saddle will suit them best with the PRO Saddle Selector.

• The Falcon saddle is designed to suit the needs of flexible riders who maintain a stable, aerodynamic and aggressive position on the bike. All the new Falcon models feature an anatomic recess, which relieves pressure from sensitive areas, and are available in Performance and Team in 132- and 142-millimetre wide options. Both feature an inmoldedcarbon reinforced shell and lightweight PU padding, which has been optimally positioned to ensure comfort while holding an aggressive, aerodynamic position. The Falcon Performance saddle is set upon lightweight and stiff carbon rails, while the Falcon Team saddle features durable stainless-steel rails. 


• Riders of moderate flexibility will appreciate the redesigned Turnix saddle. Through a combination of its pressure mapped padding (which like all new PRO saddles was developed in collaboration with the data from thousands of bike-fits) and its unique shape the Turnix provides balanced pressure distribution to suit a wide variety of riders. The new incarnations of the Turnix saddle are available in Team and Performance models; with an anatomic recess or a traditional, closed, design. All these Turnix saddles feature an inmolded carbon reinforced base – in 132-, 142- and 152-millimetre widths – and lightweight PU padding. The differentiating factor of the Performance models are their carbon rails, when compared to the stainless-steel rails of the Team saddles.


• Griffon saddle is designed for less flexible riders who favour an upright position on the bike. It allows riders to move around more on the saddle, but remain comfortable regardless of where they settle. The Griffon Performance and Team saddles boast anatomic recesses and are available in 142- or 152-millimetre widths. Both feature an inmoldedcarbon reinforced base and lightweight PU padding; while the Griffon Performance saddle is set upon carbon rails and the Griffon Team saddle boasts stainless-steel rails. 


• The final saddle, which completes the new PRO saddle range is the new Stealth Sport. An additional option to the popular PRO Stealth range has also been created for 2021. The PRO Stealth Sport saddle boasts the short-nosed design and wide anatomic recess like the rest of the Stealth range, but it is set on chromoly rails. Whilst this may add a few grams in weight it significantly reduces the cost of the Sport version when compared to the PRO Stealth, which is set on stainless-steel rails, or the PRO Stealth Carbon, which is set on carbon rails. The PRO Stealth Sport saddle still features an inmolded carbon reinforced base, ensuring efficient power transfer from the rider to the bicycle. 


New PRO Vibe and PLT Road Handlebars

Alongside the new road saddles PRO launches the Vibe Aero Alloy Pursuit, Vibe Aero Alloy and PLT Ergo Carbon handlebars. 

The 6066 alloy Vibe handlebars blend the aerodynamic, electronic shifting cable integration and internal cable routing design of the class-leading PRO Vibe carbon handlebars with the affordability and durability of an alloy construction. 

The PRO Vibe Aero Alloy Pursuit handlebars are the model race-orientated cyclists could be most excited aboutThey boastaerodynamic top-sections, electronic shifting cable integration and internal cable routingcompact design to the drops, a 10-degree flare and a 12-degree forward sweep from the clamping point to the hoods. These elements combine to encourage riders to maintain a highly efficient and aerodynamic position on the bike. 

The PRO Vibe Aero Alloy handlebars meanwhile, offer a more traditional platform, without the sweep and dramatic flareof the Vibe Alloy Aero Pursuit handlebars. They nonetheless also feature electronic shifting cable integration, internal cable routing, aerodynamically optimised tops and a 6-degree flare. 

More weight-conscious riders may want to take a closer look at the PRO PLT Carbon Ergo handlebars. With a carbon construction and an ergonomic design, they are both lightweight and comfortable. Comfort is ensured by a compact and ergonomic bend to the drops and an oversized and ergonomically designed top-section. Available in six widths, from 36- to 46-centimetres, each size has been optimised for riders of a particular stature. The unique reach, drop and ergonomic tops of the PLT Carbon Ergo handlebar size allows riders to select the perfectly suited bar for their height, shoulder width and hand-size.


New Gravel Handlebars

Gravel riders will be heartened to note that PRO has developed two new gravel-specific handlebars. The LT Gravel Alloy and the Discover Alloy 20 handlebars offer comfort and control. 

A range of widths define the LT Gravel Alloy handlebars; available in 42-, 42-, 44- and 46-centimetre wide options ensuring there is a LT Gravel bar to suit riders of every stature. They are constructed from durable but lightweight 6061 alloy and boast a 10-degree flare making them ideal for gravel racers. The compact bend to the drops further improves control on rough terrain by making it easier to change hand positions from the tops or hoods to the drops. 

The Discover Alloy 20 handlebars meanwhile, boast a more dramatic flare to the drops. A 20-degree flare ensures a wide point of control for gravel riders who like to push the limits of what gravel bikes are capable of. They feature a 6066 alloy construction which ensures the Discover Alloy 20 handlebars are lighter than the LT Gravel Alloy bars, but are equally robust. They Discover Alloy 20 bars are available in three widths – 40-, 42- and 44-centimetres – and feature semi-internal cable routing as well as ergonomic tops and compact drops. 


New Discover Gravel bike packing bags

PRO’s Discover range is not limited to handlebars, seatposts and stemsit also features bike packing bags. This range has been expanded for 2021 with a selection of new, premium gravel bags and a new compact handlebar bag. The PRO Discover Team Top Tube, Frame and Seatpost bags expand cycling horizons, while the PRO Discover Small Handlebar bag adds to the existing Discover range of bags. 

Bike packers and adventurers will appreciate the versatility, anti-sway design and premium materials of the PRO Discover Team range. They all boast fully waterproof constructions made possible by the welded seams. The PRO Discover Team Top Tube bag has a 700-milliletre capacity, weighs just 83-grams, and provides the perfect storage space for those essentials you need to keep close at hand; like a phone, powerbank, or energy bars. 

The PRO Discover Team Frame bag features the same construction as the Top Tube bag, but has a 5.5-litre capacity and weighs 135-grams. It straps sturdily to the toptube and the seatpost ensuring it does not sway, regardless of how rough the terrain gets. Completing the premium range is the PRO Discover Team Seatpost bag. It is an essential for any cycling adventurer as it will strap to road, mountain and gravel bikes. Boasting a 10-liter capacity it weighs just 201-grams and also features bungee cord straps with which riders can attach miscellaneous items they need quick access to. 

Adding to the existing PRO Discover range of gravel bags is the PRO Discover Small Handlebar bag. Constructed from a heavier material than the Team range the standard Discover range is versatile and includes a range of storage solutions for bikepacking. The compact Discover Small Handlebar bag straps neatly to a bicycle’s handlebars and steerer. It features two compartments and a waterproof construction allowing for it to be used in wet weather to keep items safe and dry. 

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