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SCODY Optimise & Stamp Elite Jersey and Bib

Scody Designs has added a new female cycling kit to their range; the ‘Optimise A.I.R’ jersey and the ‘Stamp Elite’ bib knicks. With the garments using at least four different ‘high performance’ fabrics, they’re certainly not lacking when it comes to technology and features.

Appearance-wise, I think the pair forms a smart looking combo. Deep navy-grey panels combine with rich magenta highlights to create some sophisticated styling. With darker colours becoming more common in road clothing, the magenta is eye popping bright, ensuring you’ll remain visible.

Optimise A.I.R Jersey
The Optimise jersey is meant to offer a snug race-oriented fit, and this isn’t hard to achieve, as Scody seems to have sized it on the small side. I usually take a size eight or 10 but in the Optimise jersey I was a 12. The size range goes up to an 18; hopefully this covers most but check the sizing chart carefully if you plan to buy online.

I found this jersey to be incredibly comfortable with a great fit and feel. Much of this can be attributed to the Air-Flex fabric that’s used in the front and upper back panels, as well as in the collar and rear pockets. It’s super soft to touch and feels really nice against your skin. You’ll also find large silicon dots inside the broad elastic hems; they were never restrictive but ensured the jersey didn’t ride up.

I was surprised to see three pockets at the back—something that’s relatively uncommon on smaller jerseys. Two pockets can make you feel lopsided when you only have one thing to carry but the drawback of having three is that they are pretty small. Despite the super stretchy fabric, I was hard pressed to fit a vest inside. In this regard the jersey will be better suited to summer riding when you’re less likely to need bulky items.

While the complex cut and different fabrics enhanced the fit and feel, I did find that some fabrics wore better than others. After numerous wash cycles, the side mesh panels under the arms had some pilling and the darker colours caused some discolouration in the white elastic that’s used around the waist and sleeves. To ensure the longevity of the garment, I’d suggest washing it on a gentle cycle and using a wash bag.

Stamp Bib Knicks
While the jersey was clearly on the small side, I took a 10 in the bib knicks, which is closer to what I’d usually wear. Like the jersey, the Stamp bib is a multi-fabric affair with discrete black panels front and rear. The side panels are a dark grey that appeared to be slightly transparent at times—my husband assured me that they weren’t too revealing! While the colouring differed a little from the top, it all paired together nicely.

The bib straps are made from stretch mesh; they are sufficiently wide around the shoulders without being too hot for a bib-style knick. While the leg bands don’t have any silicone grippers, they are particularly wide and quite supportive. They slip on easily enough and didn’t seem to move around unnecessarily when pedalling.

For me the female specific FemmeCX chamois was a real highlight. It flexed and conformed to my shape and felt natural from the very first ride. The padding is dense and supportive, offering excellent comfort on two-hour plus rides.
At $170 for the jersey and $144 for the shorts, they aren’t cheap but they certainly pack in a load of features for a lot less than some of the more ‘boutique’ name clothing makers. Overall I thought they performed really well offering top-notch comfort and good cooling for warmer months. Ensure that you double check the sizing and take care when washing, as the multi-fabric demands a bit of extra attention. Beyond these two points we’ve been really impressed with the new Scody gear.

RRP: Jersey $170, Bib $144
Distributored by SCODY


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Zipp Tangente Speed	Price: $94.95

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Zipp Tangente Speed	Price: $94.95

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