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Top Gear: Chapeau Chamois Cream

Extruding Chapeau Chamois Cream from its 200ml tube somehow seems more civilised than double dipping from a tub. “The Choice of the Discerning Cyclist”, Chapeau have two chamois creams, Original and Menthol, plus a Warm Up Balm (menthol liniment fragrance) and Dry Shower Gel 250ml (lemon fragrance) which is meant to be rubbed on and just wiped off with no need for rinsing. Not a bad concept for removing chamois cream or warm up balm on those times when running water or a shower are not available. They also do also a nifty cycling cap for the keen velo hat wearer, in black or white.


Warm Up Balm 200ml: $32.00

Dry Shower Gel 250ml: $21.00

Chamois Cream 200ml: $21.00

Retro Cycle Cap: $25.00

Distributed by SCV Imports


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