The finish of the 675 is immaculate.

Top Gear: Imonster Headphones

Monster has a reputation for high quality audio products; headphones speaker cables and the like. They have launched three new headphone models; the iSport Intensity, Victory and Strive are designed to be sweat-proof, washable and provide extra road safety. The design brief was to produce headphones that deliver above average audio but allow ambient noise such as traffic and conversation to be heard as well. They may have increased ambient noise penetration but I still have reservations about using the headphones on the road. However, the isport Intensity headphones are a very good option for use during stationery trainer sessions; they produce great sound; loud, deep and clear; they stay put, and the sweatproof design means they won’t short out or corrode. Plus my expensive fabric-cushioned headphones stay clean and dry!

iSport Intensity RRP $129

Distributed by iSport Intensity


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The finish of the 675 is immaculate.

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The finish of the 675 is immaculate.

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