The finish of the 675 is immaculate.

Top Gear: Birzman Zacoo Maha 3 & 4 Pump and Snap it Valve Connector

Birzman have released the Zacoo Maha 3 and 4 a range of funky looking floor pumps that are more than just a pretty face. The wooden handle looks cool and the pumps have a five degree tilt towards the user that allows a more natural ergonomic movement while pumping. Also on improved function they have the new Birzman Snap It connection which is said to eliminate valve core blowouts and stop the hose from blowing off the stem while pumping.

This pump comes in four colours- green, silver, blue or gold. It is both Presta and Schrader compatible and has a 160 PSI max.

Maha 4: 160psi max $89.99

Maha 3: 220psi max $119 

Birzman Snap it valve connector

The Snap-It adaptor has a thread that is compatible with a Schrader connection so it will fit a Schrader compatible connection of any pump and allow you to pump up your presta stemmed tyres.

RRP:  $19.99

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The finish of the 675 is immaculate.

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