Gardosa Evo GunMetal

Top Gear: Swiss Eye Sunglasses

Swiss Eye sunglasses are about as Euro as they could possibly be. The German based brand is designed in Italy, made from Swiss plastics, developed and tested in Germany and Norway by the Norwegian United Bakeries MTB team. All of Swiss Eye’s frames are made from flexible hypo-allergenic plastic. The anti-fog and anti-scratch coated lenses are shatterproof polycarbonate and offer 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection up to 400nm. Those with smaller faces will appreciate the Gardosa ‘S’ model.

Gardosa Evolution: Neon Yellow, Pearl White or Gun Metal RRP: $225.90

Gardosa Evolution: Photochromatic, Matt Black or Gun Metal RRP: $251.90

Distributed by: Neo Pro Imports

Gardosa Evo GunMetal

Gardosa Evo-Matt Black Photochromatic

Gardosa Evo NeonYellow

Gardosa Evo PearlWhite

Gardosa EvoS PearlWhite

Gardosa Evo GunMetal


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The finish of the 675 is immaculate.

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Gardosa Evo GunMetal

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