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Fizik Announce Vento Argo Adaptive 00 Power Style Saddle

In a relatively short time Fizik’s Argo has cemented itself as one of the more popular ‘power’ type saddles available.

Shorter and wider than a traditional saddle, the power saddle offers advantages for riders who want a more aggressive riding position.

The saddle style also assists those who suffer from excessive pressure on the perineum when riding, and many find it a far more comfortable and efficient saddle option.

Having been extensively testing a Fizik Tempo Argo on a gravel bike over the past six months or so, Bicycling Australia are very fond of the model – it’s currently our preferred saddle.

Fizik have now upped the Argo range to include the Vento (their race-level) Adaptive 00 with 3D printed padding, similar to their Antares Versus.

The new model is the lightest option in the Argo range at 175gr in size 140mm. It has a lower profile 3D-printed seat area combined with an incredibly stiff high-module, full-carbon shell and rails.

The Adaptive range utilises Carbon Digital Light Synthesis 3D-printing technology.

This seamlessly engineered zonal cushioning provides stability and balance at the back of the saddle and soft tissue support at the nose. The combination of high-module, full-carbon shell and rails offer maximum stiffness and significantly reduce overall saddle weight compared to the other saddles in the Vento range. 
Fizik say they have worked closely with professional and amateur cyclists in the development and testing of the Vento Argo Adaptive 00 saddle.

“The Argo range is designed to span across multiple disciplines, while engineered to help riders find a better posture, and offer a more planted position for greater stability and improved weight distribution,” said a Fizik rep.

“The shorter, drop-nose design provides superior support when adopting a powerful, aerodynamic pedalling position – ideal for riders looking to maximise their performance without compromising on comfort. “

The RRP for Vento Argo Adaptive 00 is expected to be around $600. To find out more on the wider fizik product range visit Bicycling Australia have requested a sample saddle and hope to feature a full review in coming weeks.

Specifications  (140 mm model)     
Length: 265mm
Width: 140mm
Height at 75mm width: 43mm
Weight: 175gr
Rail: 9×7 mm


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