Make Money with Kinomap’s New Feature

If you’re a budding film maker, avid explorer or simply an owner of a Fly12, this one’s for you! Commencing in October 2016, Kinomap users will have the opportunity to make a bang for their buck simply by uploading motion videos to the virtual training app.

Combining synchronised, geolocated video playback, real-time data analysis and pre-recorded outdoor routes, Kinomap gives users the opportunity to cycle, run or row in locations around the world.

From leisurely rides around Central Park, New York to fulfilling your ultimate cycling fantasy and racing with the pros at each stage of the 2016 Tour de France, Kinomap features over 87,449km of motion video, from 83 countries around the world.

By using ANT+, Bluetooth, speed and cadence sensors Kinomap projects your position on your chosen video, giving you a real-time, real POV ride. While Kinomap works best with smart trainers, it is compatible with other trainers with the addition of a speed/cadence or power sensor.

Kinomap also features a multiplayer mode available for up to 10 players, complete with live chat.

While Kinomap isn’t the best app to use for structured interval workouts or in virtual competition with friends , its genuine video footage makes it invaluable for those wanting to spice up their training, race against the pros or simply view real, geolocated routes around the world. 

So how does payment work? 

Kinomap reports that most revenue from the app comes from subscription ($5.99/month for unlimited use), stating: “Such revenue helps us to cover our development, hosting and streaming, sales and support cost.10% of that revenue will be shared between our most popular contributors, based on the audience”. 

For example: if 10% of the revenue is equal to $10,000 then your most popular video would be eligable for a share of $1000. If your video content was ranked in the top 10 most watched videos (and this added up to 15% total viewership) for the month then you would be paid $150.

So while payment won’t be enough to quit your day job this huge incentive is sure to expand the Kinomap database (and potential views to your video) and encourage users to explore locations around the world without leaving the comfort of their home. 


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