Order Victorian Bike Rack Number Plates Online

As the sun graces us with its warmth, and the allure of summer calls, many of us are already planning our cycling adventures. Whether it’s our favourite rides or venturing off-road, the thrill of the open road awaits.

If your holiday plans include exploring Victoria, and you’re one of the many enthusiasts who rely on a car-mounted bike rack to transport your bicycles, there’s an important detail to consider: the visibility of your vehicle’s number plate. The law stipulates a visibility check spanning up to 20 meters, requiring your number plate to be both clearly visible and legible from that distance.

As we all know, bike racks tend to obscure car number plates so the easiest way to comply with the law is to order a duplicate number plate and fit it to your bike rack.

VicRoads has made it quick and easy for its customers to order bike rack plates online, with this transaction now available on our website. All you need to do is visit the VicRoads website (link). Ordering online is the fastest way to secure a duplicate number plate and only take a couple of minutes. The cost will be less than $40.

If you’re a Victorian customer, you might want to take the time to become familiar with a range of other services that we have available online. Once you have created a myVicRoads account you will be able to renew your registration, transfer vehicle registrations when buying and selling cars and keep your details up to date so we can get in touch with you. 

If you’re traveling from a state other than Victoria please check your state’s process for ordering a duplicate plate for your bike rack.

Penalties apply for not having a clearly visibly number plate when driving on Australian roads. 

To order your plate visit


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