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The Simple Sticker That Helps Promote Cycling Awareness

Passion, Belonging, Awareness. They are the key words behind a new education campaign created by cycling advocates ‘CyclersGuild’.

Born out of a desire to ‘improve safety and promote the sport we love’, the concept is simple. Order a white bike sticker online, proudly display it on the back of your vehicle, and help spread the cycling awareness word.

Keen cyclist Clint Bell is behind the campaign, an idea that stemmed from a morning ride with his mates.

“I was riding with friends and later, at the coffee shop, we were talking about the hazards that morning,” he said.

“At the time the thought came to me, we need a generic emblem to help unify cyclists.”

Cyclers Guild 2

The campaign, he said, is about belonging, awareness, improving driver behaviour and promoting cycling awareness in general.

“The other thing is drivers will see all these decals and realise that many other motorists are also cyclists,” he added.

According to Clint some 2500 decals have been sent out and it’s not just the lycra set ordering them.

“A lot of females are buying them and a lot of people from Western Australia,” he said.

“There’s a lot involved – I’m not covering costs yet. For me it’s more about passion, belonging and awareness.”

Not a roady or you have a number of different bikes? Not a problem. The stickers are available in Roadbike, Flatbar, Mountain and BMX and priced at $5 each including postage.

For further details visit or find them on Facebook.


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