Understated class. The Esquire SL Disc.

Ride Like an Egyptian!

 There are several ways to deal with excess perspiration from beneath your helmet. Some use a heritage style cycling cap, others have tried a flexible gutter strapped across the forehead to divert the salty torrent. Now comes the Phairo!

The Phairo is an Egyptian inspired bandana made of wicking fabric designed to absorb and assist in cooling the evaporation of under-helmet sweat. The polyester knit fabric is very tough and doesn’t need any special treatment. Available in two styles, the Race cut is 5cm shorter at the back of the neck, while the Recreation provides more sun protection. Phairo claims they have both been tested up to 90km/h without noticeable flapping.
RRP: $25


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Understated class. The Esquire SL Disc.

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