Top Gear -New Products – Owleye Lights

Owleye are a range of bike lights from Taiwan that aim to reduce our carbon footprint by being rechargeable rather than using batteries. From left to right we see the Highbred Lux 40, Nano, Nano R and the High Lux 5. The Highbred Lux 40 is both solar powered and USB powered.  Its run time on flashing is 360 minutes and 180 minutes on constant full beam. It can be fully recharged in four hours.

The Nano and Nano R (rear) are available in seven colours. They weigh just 12 grams and will run for up to eight hours in flashing mode and four hours in constant when fully charged. The Highlux 5 is available as a rear and front light with four colour options. It has five LEDs, is charged via USB and will run for 10 hours in flashing mode and five hours in constant.  It weighs just 32 grams.



Hibred Lux 40: $89

Nano: $25

High Lux 5: $45

Distributed by: Bicycle Peddler

Ph. 0410 629 932


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