Top Gear: Topeak Minirocket Iglow Pump

Night time can be great time to ride, cool temperatures and, if you can dodge peak hour, a comparatively traffic free run. Still, visibility and vision—and therefore rider safety— is compromised for cyclists and drivers alike in the dark; street lights and glaring headlights momentarily blinding. Some riders wear dark clothes, others forget their lights, yet others opt for tiny LED lights to register their presence on the road. This mini pump is a great option for those who ascribe to the Christmas tree theory; be as bright as you can. The transparent barrel houses an illuminating fibre optic element which will turn the whole 17cm-long unit into a bright red safety light. It mounts to your seatpost (brackets included) and comes with two CR2032 ‘button’ batteries. The light can be set to constantly on or flashing and will run for 50 hours or 100 hours respectively. Even though it will only fit presta valves, pumping duties are not forgotten; you’ll get up to 160psi from the 67g Minirocket.

RRP: $39.95

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