Amy Gillett Foundation Has Been Shut Down

The nation’s leading cycling safety, awareness and advocacy organisation, the Amy Gillett Foundation, is closing down.

After nearly two decades of operation, and after tireless campaigning and striving to make the life-saving ‘metre matters’ message law across Australia and a part of the vernacular, the AGF Board say the organisation is no longer sustainable due to a lack of Federal Government funding.

Established after the tragic death of Amy Gillett who was hit by a car while training in Germany in 2005, the Foundation was established to support and promote projects aimed at road safety awareness amongst cyclists and motorists.

In a letter seen by BA earlier on Friday, the Chair of the AGF wrote –

Notice regarding the Amy Gillett Foundation

‘It is with considerable sadness that the Board of the Amy Gillett Foundation has made the difficult decision to wind up the Foundation after nearly 20 years of operation.

As you know, the Foundation was established in 2006, following the tragic death of Amy Gillett, a world champion sportswoman killed while cycling with the Australian Women’s Cycling Team.

With your assistance, AGF has grown to become the country’s leading cycling safety organisation, working to reduce the death and injury of cyclists.

For nearly two decades, we have sought to raise awareness of the risks to cyclists and have been a powerful voice advocating for governments at every level to take actions that lead to zero cycling fatalities.

Regretfully, the Board has concluded that ongoing operation of the Foundation is no longer sustainable in the absence of new Federal Government funding.

This has been a very difficult decision to make but after much discussion, we have appointed Liquidator Shaun Matthews of Cor Cordis who will be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Foundation in an orderly and fair manner.

While the work of our Foundation will cease, the urgent need to improve cyclist safety continues. Despite the advances that have been made in road safety, design, infrastructure and driver and cyclist behaviour, the goal of zero cycling fatalities is yet to be achieved.

As the Board of this Foundation, we are deeply proud to have been associated with this critical mission.
I am personally grateful for your partnership over recent years, and thank you for your continuing support in advocating for the changes necessary to allow Australian cyclists to ride safely.

Lisa Jacobs
Chair, Amy Gillett Foundation’

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  1. Dear editor/CEO,

    it is very sad to hear the closing down of the Amy Gillett foundation. As a victim of a road cycling accident it is not a pleasant experience and to know that one of the major support networks has lost it’s funding is scary news because we have now lost another voice of support and presence in the media.
    What are you able to do to voice your disappointment at this news? can you lobby the politicians responsible to for the funding cut to reverse their decision or provide alternatives?

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