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MagicShine SeeMee DV Camera Tested 

A ‘budget-friendly rear dashcam for riders’, we ride the SeeMee DV camera light from Magicshine.

Magicshine, known for its cost-effective and high quality cycling products, is well known for its bike lighting products. The Seemee DV we are testing here is also a tail light, but one with a major difference – it also features a camera. 

Design and Features

The Seemee DV comes in a sleek black casing and oozes a modern and slick appearance. At its core, this device is a combination of a 1080P HD camera and a 30-lumen COB (Chip On Board) LED taillight. Its standout feature is the smart integration of a camera, making it an essential safety accessory for cyclists.

Installation and Mounting

Magicshine use a Garmin-style quarter-turn mount for easy installation and secure mounting. The Seemee DV includes a plastic and rubber strap mount, ensuring a secure fit on various seat post shapes and sizes. Its compatibility with D-shaped, rounded, and aero seat post adds to its versatility.

Video Recording and Safety Features

The camera records in 1080p with a 146-degree wide lens, capturing a comprehensive view of the surroundings. An LED ring around the camera lens serves as a status indicator, providing real-time feedback on recording and device status. One remarkable feature is the built-in accelerometer, which detects potential accidents and automatically saves 60 seconds of footage in a non-overridable location for review.

“…having now used the SeeMees DV in 6 countries, I simply wouldn’t ride anywhere without it…”

Taillight Performance

Rear light wise, the DV boasts a 30-lumen output with multiple modes including constant and flashing options. It effectively enhances visibility on the road, ensuring the cyclist is seen from various angles. The light’s distinctive pulsing patterns make it easily distinguishable, promoting safety during night rides.

Battery Life and Memory

Magicshine’s Seemee DV incorporates a 3400mAh battery, providing sufficient power for extended rides. The device records videos onto a removable MicroSD card, supporting up to 128GB for ample storage. The package includes an 8GB MicroSD card, enabling immediate use out of the box – a nice touch.

Footage Quality

The Seemee DV captures clear 1080p footage but the absence of image stabilisation becomes evident on rougher roads, impacting video smoothness. Overall, the camera works well in low-light conditions, offering impressive image clarity.

User Experience and App Integration

The device’s user interface is intuitive and features straightforward controls for various modes. While the light / camera unit is very impressive, in my opinion it’s the app that lets down the overall quality and appeal of this device.

Magicshine offers the CAR_DVR app for the Seemee DV. While the app provides essential functions, its user interface is very basic – the good news is we’ve been told an updated app is coming.


The Magicshine Seemee DV stands out as an affordable and reliable rear dashcam for cyclists. Its dual functionality – as a camera and a taillight – adds immense value to riders seeking enhanced safety and peace of mind. The device’s overall performance, reliability, and competitive pricing make it a compelling choice for riders looking to enhance safety on the roads.

Fast becoming a long-term review, we rode this light from London to Frankfurt and back, and have now used it in six countries, and simply wouldn’t ride anywhere without it. 

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this unit. It’s good to see a manufacturer with some weight behind them compete this space.

    While Cycliq has pioneered the concept, they’ve favoured bells and whistles over fundamental function, with battery duration going down with each subsequent version. I still have my Fly6CE, but it is the backup to my TOOO Cycling DVR80, as it lacks sufficient battery life to handle my longer weekend training rides. Sadly,, it appears TOOO Cycling is no longer taking orders.

    I’ve ordered and I’m looking forward to seeing how this unit stacks up against the other two.

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