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2014 Compact Light Review

Lighting is crucial for safe riding in the dark, and it’s required by law to ensure that you are seen by other road users in low light conditions. But beyond making your presence known to others, effective lighting can increase your comfort levels while riding in the dark, save you from pothole pinch flats or obstacles on the road, and help keep you on course. Getting the most from the smallest package is of course what the market demands and the challenge for lighting designers—and you can still expect to pay top dollar for good form and high function.

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Dancing With The Devil

Claudio Chiappucci was a rider who inspired a whole generation of cyclists with his defiant and brave racing style. They called him El Diablo, the Devil, and to his rivals he was just that; a defiant and unpredictable devil of a bike racer, a man who would inflict pain at any given, or even stolen moment.

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Bellwether Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

As the light fades and the temperature drops the temptation to stay in bed in the morning grows and we often find ourselves riding less in winter. Bicycling Australia contributor Peter Maniaty recently blogged about the winter sirens on his blog Carbon Addiction calling you stay in a nice warm bed.

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Fly6 tailcam descent of the Passo Pordoi

The Alta Badia region in the Dolomites, Italy saw the 28th running of the Maratona dles Dolomites. Check the Pordoi descent video here.

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Formula Thirty Five Fork

Italian brand formula is best known for their brakes, but year or so ago they released their first suspension fork; the Thirty Three. It was a lightweight cross-country model offering 100-120mm of travel but it was only made to suit 26 and 27.5-inch wheels. This struck us as odd when the XC market is dominated by 29ers.

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SwiftCarbon Ultravox Ti Team Issue Review

As far as bicycle manufacturers go, the South African-born Chinese-based SwiftCarbon is a young brand. In fact it’s so young that if it was a rider it would still be on a very modest roll-out. It only officially came into being in 2008 as the brainchild of an ex-South African professional cyclist of self-confessed modest ability called Mark Blewett, who also happened to have qualifications in industrial design. 

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A History of Grand Tour Nutrition

Ray English settles back in the worn club sofa of reflection and muses over the changing times and peculiar diets of the pro cyclist from yesteryear.

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Roadside Assistance

Imagine if there were no road races in Australia. Public roads were deemed strictly off limits to event organisers confining races, sportifs and even charity rides to endless loops of closed circuits. As cycling enthusiasts it may not be a world we’d like to live or ride in. But as we found out recently if current trends continue, with few exceptions, it could well be the one we get. 

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Contadorus Rex

Written off by many (including this very author) after his fourth-place finish at last year’s Grande Boucle, Alberto Contador, in the time since, has reasserted himself to being in a class of his own – and is now odds-on favourite to win the 101st Tour de France.

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