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The Feedzone: What to Eat the Day Before a Big Ride

Preparation is everything when it comes to endurance cycling, particularly from a nutrition perspective. For any ride or event that lasts longer than 90 minutes, starting your ride with optimally fuelled muscles is the simplest thing you can do to perform physically for an extended number of hours.

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Top Tail Lights 2015

A Queensland university study has found that cyclists overestimate their visibility to drivers by a whopping 700%! Here’s a selection of tail lights currently available that will make your presence more obvious to traffic approaching from behind.  

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Compact Lights Review 2015

Early morning darkness pervades under winter’s stealthy approach. Here’s a look at some lighting options to keep you riding till dawn.

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Masterclass: Climb Like an Angel

We all know riders who relish it when the road begins to tilt skyward. They may not necessarily be built like whippets, and in some cases they may not even be that great at climbing, but they seem to enjoy it nonetheless. Wouldn’t that be nice – to surge forward with anticipation when a brutal climb lurks around the next bend instead of clinging desperately to the bars and praying that it won’t last forever?

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The Time-Poor Cyclist

As a coach, the most common feedback I get when things are not going according to plan is “I just don’t have enough time! No time for interval training, for stretching, for recovery rides, for gym sessions, for massages – I’m lucky if I can get on my bike three or four times a week!”

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Whyte G-150 Works Review

Made for riders who like to get rough and rowdy, the G-150 is one of the newest offerings from UK brand Whyte Bikes.

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GT Helion Pro Review

GTs new Helion is pitched as an XC bike that provides a balance between fun and efficient pedalling, so is it an XC racer or an all-round trail bike? There was a time, not all that long ago, when bikes with short travel and small wheels dominated the crosscountry race scene.

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Video: Park Tool Magnetic Internal Cable Routing Tool

This new magnetic kit from Park Tool is designed to alleviate the bane of bike mechanic’s existence… trying to thread cables through internal routing.

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Rocky Trail Rollercoaster Kempsey

The home trails of the Kempsey Macleay Offroad Cyclists (KMORC) may lack any real mountains, but the club has done a surprising amount with the bushland that lies beyond the local golf club, just on the outskirts of town. This was the venue for round four of the Rocky Trail Rollercoaster gravity enduro series.

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Chocolate Foot at Wingelo

A foggy start with clear and confident winners at Wingello

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