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2014 Compact Light Review

Lighting is crucial for safe riding in the dark, and it’s required by law to ensure that you are seen by other road users in low light conditions. But beyond making your presence known to others, effective lighting can increase your comfort levels while riding in the dark, save you from pothole pinch flats or obstacles on the road, and help keep you on course. Getting the most from the smallest package is of course what the market demands and the challenge for lighting designers—and you can still expect to pay top dollar for good form and high function.

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The Feedzone: The Importance of Recovery

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to be an elite athlete to benefit from recovering with the right fuel mix after training. In fact if you are training several times each week and/or preparing for an upcoming event, in addition to balancing work and family commitments, a good recovery program is exactly what you need to ensure you have enough energy to maintain your hectic schedule minus injury and fatigue. 

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Apollo Seeks NSW Sales Rep

New South Wales Sales Rep – Bicycles 

  • Salary on application
  • Autonomous on road role
  • Existing client base 

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Marsh Guard & Mucky Nutz Fenders

I still hold a clear memory from the mid-90s of foraging around in search of an old corflute for-sale sign. When faced with a muddy XC event, we would cut them up and zip-tie a piece to the underside of the down tube as a makeshift fender. To this day you can still buy them (called the Crud Catcher) and they certainly reduced the amount of crap that you’d cop in the face on a muddy ride—especially important for me as a special wearer.

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Local Hero: John Beasley (Senior)

When looking for the epitome of the great Australian spirit you need look no further than Victoria cycling legend John Beasley (Snr). The Humble and grounded 84-year old former racer is a man that took on the big wide world of European pro bike racing and lay down some very early paving stones for today’s Aussie grand champions along the way.

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Whyte 729 Review

We’ve had our share of Whytes come through the MBA offices in the last 24 months. This distinctive UK based brand is a minor player in the global bike game, but their bikes have consistently impressed us. A while back I rode their carbon framed 29C and declared it the best hardtail I’d ever ridden—to this day I’m more than happy with that statement!

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Way Back When.....

When the 60 participants of that first Tour de France set off from Paris in 1903, they were racing for a first prize of FF 3,000 (old) French francs that at the time would buy you 7,500 one-kilogram loaves of bread. Our present day Tour winner nets 450,000 Euro that equates to rather a lot of bread. 

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Bike Check: Josh Carlson

If you’ve been living under a rock for a year or so, you mightn’t have heard about ‘gravity enduro’. It’s a real buzzword around the MTB world at the moment with enduro-specific this and enduro that popping up in everything from helmets to handlebar grips.

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Dancing With The Devil

Claudio Chiappucci was a rider who inspired a whole generation of cyclists with his defiant and brave racing style. They called him El Diablo, the Devil, and to his rivals he was just that; a defiant and unpredictable devil of a bike racer, a man who would inflict pain at any given, or even stolen moment.

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