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Dales & Ales

Yorkshire is England’s biggest and wildest country, and is a land steeped in cycling tradition. Steve Thomas ‘skinnies-up’ and takes a cyclocross bike tour around its famous Yorkshire Dales.

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UCI Reform

It seems like the UCI has the cycling world lined up for what they like to refer as a ‘reform’, in a variety of ways. The goals of this anticipated reform are what they say have always been the goals of the UCI - globalization and sustainability.  Part of this is the formation of CIRC - Cycling Independent Reform Commission whose objectives will be to investigate the history of cycling and a look at the UCI’s practices.  

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Felt F2 Review

Editors can be cruel. I first laid eyes on the 2014 Felt F2 review bike about a month before I was actually allowed to ride it. Apparently they wanted to get some photos of it in pristine condition before anyone took it out on the road. I mean, what did they think I was going to do to this American-designed Taiwanese-built racing machine? Actually, perhaps they were right.

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Ride the Sydney to Hunter

Covering 220km over two days from Arcadia in Sydney’s North West, along the picturesque coast to Newcastle's 'Steel City', ‘Sydney to Hunter’ Cycling Classic is a real treat, taking in terrain and views of Sydney and surrounds that are rarely seen or experienced by the masses, let alone travelled by bike. It’s a great way to become involved and help in the community and a superbly organised event that brings together a group of 70 plus riders for a brilliant weekend’s riding.

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How to Ride: Everyday Skills

Let’s face it, most of us don’t get out on the trails as much as we’d like. While we’d love to be mountain biking, our general weekday rides (if you get them) are more likely to be spent on the road or cycle path getting to work.

Hit the dirt on the weekend, and even if the fitness is there, your skill level may be left wanting. If you’d prefer to be surfing the dirt rather than eating it, here are a bunch of skills that you can brush up whilst commuting. Don’t just pedal along and daydream, get animated and play around on your MTB. You’ll get a more comprehensive core workout, develop your skills base and feel like a kid on a BMX again!

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Norco Range 7.1 Review

It’s funny how reputations stick. Back in the ’90s many brands had ugly and particularly heavy bikes, but for some reason Norco’s creations hang in my head more than most. Yes they were doing good things on the gravity front but their more XC based stuff was pretty uninspiring.

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Shimano XTR M9000 & M9050 Di2

Back in April Shimano launched their latest revision of their flagship XTR component group, then a month and a half later they dropped the real bombshell with the release of XTR M9050 Di2; their first MTB component group to use electronic gear shifting.

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Latest LEDs

Lighting technology continues to march forward with new brands, models and features hitting the market—here’s a selection of the latest MTB lights for you to peruse.

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Schwalbe Magic Mary & Rock Razor Tyres

It wasn’t that many years ago where mentioning the ubiquitous ‘E’ word meant you were about to put on some fluoro clothing, grab a glow stick or two, and head off to some obscure location for a barely memorable evening of ‘dancing’. Whilst the garish clothing colours remain the same, today’s hackneyed and clichéd ‘E’ word – enduro – conjures up images of a very different kind.

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Indoor Inspiration

Feeling flat and lazy from a lack of riding this winter? Well grab an indoor trainer and do something about it! 

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