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Food, Health and Recovery - Part 11: Make it happen

In the previous edition of Bicycling Australia Magazine (May/June 2013) I introduced a list of foods, herbs and spices that contain various compounds which are known promoters of health: micronutrients. Most people typically think of micronutrients as being the vitamins and minerals contained in whole foods.

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Power Plays and Disc Jockeys

Sometimes, winter feels more like a three month period where cycling enthusiasts talk about the bike more than they actually riding it. Reminiscing on riding with a warm sun at their back whilst cursing the wretched headwinds and seemingly endless ‘chance of showers’ forecast. Dreary Tour de France eyes have spotted some of the latest gear and everyone wants to get some information on what the pros are riding.

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Origin of Tour Species

With the route of the 2015 Tour de France just announced, it’s timely to reflect on what we got this year, and what it may tell us about next July.

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The RACV Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride

The RACV Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride is one of Australia’s premier and most spectacular rides, attracting competitors from both Australia and around the world. 

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Five Ten Freerider Shoes

When it comes to riding flat pedals good shoes are absolutely essential, and the undisputed king of the flat pedal shoe market is Five Ten. Although their Impact models are popular with the pure gravity set, trail riders have opted for the skate shoe styled Freerider. Other brands have tried to topple Five Ten from their throne, but thus far no-one has been able to match their combination of comfort, durability and, most importantly, grip.

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A Life Behind Bars: Joe Cooper

Bicycling Australia has been chatting with National Road Series athletes to get some tips on how we can all ride better and smarter. This edition, we speak with Joseph Cooper, of the Avanti Pro Cycling Team.

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A Life Behind Bars: Jade Colligan

Bicycling Australia has been talking to National Road Series riders to get an idea of how we might all be able to ride smarter, faster, better.  This edition we catch up with Jade Colligan from the Bicycle Superstore team, who has gone from club C grader on a chain store bike to the NRS in just over a year!

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American Classic Wide Lightning Wheelset

The name offers a clear indication of what to expect from these new American Classic wheels; they’re designed to be light enough for cross-country use, but with a rim width of 29mm inside the bead hooks they offer all the advantages of ultra wide rims (see page 66).

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USWE F4 Pro Hydration Pack

Having cut their teeth in the motocross industry Swedish brand USWE may not be a household name to most mountain bikers, however some of their sponsored athletes certainly are; if you haven’t heard of Steve Peat, Greg Minaar, Josh Bryceland and Anneke Beerten you’ve been hiding in a very dark cave indeed. The F4 is their most popular and versatile pack, with a three litre bladder and enough storage for a very long day in the saddle without being so big you can’t take it out for a quick pedal after work.

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