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Masterclass: 1%'ers Power & Performance Gains

Every cyclist wants to improve their performance. The basic paths to improved performance include use of optimal equipment and ensuring its appropriate maintenance, and improving bodily function and training efficiency.

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Food, Health and Recovery - Part 11: Make it happen

In the previous edition of Bicycling Australia Magazine (May/June 2013) I introduced a list of foods, herbs and spices that contain various compounds which are known promoters of health: micronutrients. Most people typically think of micronutrients as being the vitamins and minerals contained in whole foods.

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Anatomically Correct; Building Women's Bikes - Giant

The market for bikes designed for typical female anatomy is growing rapidly, and the industry is striving to meet the needs of masses of women who are taking up the sport.

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Anatomically Correct; Building Women's Bikes - Specialized

It was not so long ago that female cyclists bought men’s bikes and related items, because there were no products specifically designed for them. This included bikes, apparel, gloves, shoes and anything else you can think of that you need, or perhaps want for road cycling. There were small numbers of women taking up cycling and hitting the trails, and companies just didn’t see the market potential.

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Tubeless Tyre Tips

Going tubeless offers many benefits, especially if you ride hard or tackle rocky, loose or slippery trails. In rough terrain, or under a hard-charging rider, pinch flats are by far the most common form of puncture.

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No “shrink and pink” for Trek women’s bikes

As the first bike manufacturer to specifically target the female market, Trek Bicycles has one thing to point out: You don’t want to get caught up with `shrink and pink’.

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Standing On Their Shoulders

After a year where several riders have called it a day, julian dean ponders the Task of retirement for a pro-cyclist.

Let’s talk about retirement; the hanging up of the proverbial ‘boots’, or maybe the ‘bike’ as is the case for pro-cyclists when their time has come. It’s needless to say that after doing something that has brought you fame and fortune after years of blood, sweat and tears it will never be an easy task to leave. 

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Old Willunga Thrill

It isn’t that tough,” 
is something you hear quite a bit at the top of Willunga Hill, typically from visitors who’ve just reached the summit for the very first time. Ridden in isolation, they’re absolutely right. Old Willunga Hill Road, rising innocently enough from the township of Willunga, is no beastly climb.

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BH G6 Pro Review

Spanish bicycle maker BH has over 100 years of history starting out as an arms manufacturer before switching to bicycle production early in the 1900s.  

They say first impressions last. When the BH G6 Pro turned up at my front door, the impression went a long way. To me this bike is what modern aero frames should look like.

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