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2014 Compact Light Review

Lighting is crucial for safe riding in the dark, and it’s required by law to ensure that you are seen by other road users in low light conditions. But beyond making your presence known to others, effective lighting can increase your comfort levels while riding in the dark, save you from pothole pinch flats or obstacles on the road, and help keep you on course. Getting the most from the smallest package is of course what the market demands and the challenge for lighting designers—and you can still expect to pay top dollar for good form and high function.

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ACE Gran Fondo 2014

4 Days, 2 States and 450kms

The ACE Gran Fondo is a four day cycling event travelling from Noosa Heads to Byron Bay.

Participants can expect this inaugural event will cover some of the best cycling roads in the area including the Noosa hinterland and Tamborine Mountain.

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Press Release: Paris-Roubaix 2014 Updates: Two Days to go

The 112th Paris–Roubaix looms: a Tour winner on the start line, another one commentating the race, 3,000 cyclotourists lead the charge… 

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Simply Single

Like the idea of simplifying your drivechain but don’t want to get tattoos and become a single speeder? Well a single-ring conversion could be the answer.

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Scott Scale 740 Review

Scott can rightfully say that they were at least a little bit ahead of the curve, as almost all the big brands jump onto the 27.5 bandwagon for 2014. Product year 2013 was Scott’s first foray into the middle wheel size with their 150mm travel Genius trail bikes. At the same time Nino Schurter, Scott’s XC star, was winning World Cups with Tomac-esque flair (old-school types will remember Johnny T!) on a prototype 27.5 Scott Scale hardtail.

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Collie to Donnybrook and Return Cycle Classic 2014

Saturday  16th August will see the Collie Cycle Club host the 89th edition of the Collie to Donnybrook and Return Cycle Classic. 

This race, which began in 1925, is the only true remaining handicap event in WA. It is steeped in tradition and includes past winners and fastest timers such as Henk Vogels, Anthony Giacoppo, Steele Bishop, ‘Pika’ Davis, Eddie Hollands, Matt Poyner, Graham McVilly, Guido Fulst (Germany), Hilton McMurdo, Jim Krynen, ‘Toti’ Bonser, Mike Dye, Gary Suckling and Brad Hall.

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The Feedzone: Fish is Fabulous

For many of us, fish equals brain food but for cyclists fish also represents a significant source of lean protein and depending on the type of fish you choose, a great source of nature’s anti-inflammatory omega free fats. So how often do we really need to eat fish to get all the health benefits and what are the best types for us to maximise these benefits?

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A Women's Guide to Better Cycling

It’s great to see that there are more women riding, stepping up to racing and taking the pursuit pretty seriously. If you’ve thought about joining them, then this article and the subsequent series might just help you get there.

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SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers

I am someone who cycles for the joy of being outdoors in the fresh air, watching the world go by and keeping reasonably fit. For me indoor training is something of a last resort and reserved for extended periods of foul weather or moments of inspiration brought on by new gadgetry such as a new TV in the garage or a power meter.

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Scott Addict 10 Review

The term ‘Great Scott’ harks back to a more genteel time, a time when an expression of surprise or amazement didn’t contain a profanity or blasphemy. It’s a term that I hadn’t used in recent memory, nor had I heard it uttered in public that I can recall, until I took to the streets on Scott’s new stealth fighter.

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