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Masterclass: 1%'ers Power & Performance Gains

Every cyclist wants to improve their performance. The basic paths to improved performance include use of optimal equipment and ensuring its appropriate maintenance, and improving bodily function and training efficiency.

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Food, Health and Recovery - Part 11: Make it happen

In the previous edition of Bicycling Australia Magazine (May/June 2013) I introduced a list of foods, herbs and spices that contain various compounds which are known promoters of health: micronutrients. Most people typically think of micronutrients as being the vitamins and minerals contained in whole foods.

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Rocky Trail Fox Rollercoaster - Thredbo

Round three of the Rocky Trail Fox Rollercoaster provided a stark contrast to the earlier rounds. Both earlier events – Killingworth and Del Rio – were held in scorching 30-40 degree heat. This time racing headed for the NSW high country and the mountains even received a healthy dumping of snow in the day’s prior!


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Morewood Zula Review

When South African brand Morewood started out, it was a classic example of necessity being the mother of invention. They were founded by elite downhill racer Patrick Morewood, who struggled to find bikes that could take the abuse of regular DH riding and decided to start making his own.

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A Wylde time for all at the Finish Line Singletrack Mind MTB Series

With a number of firsts to mark the opening round of the Finish Line Singletrack Mind series at the Wylde MTB trails, it was always destined to be a significant event. It would be the first state-level event at the new Wylde MTB trail at Cecil Hills, built and managed by the Western Sydney Parklands Trust, this purpose designed facility has been a hit with mountain bikers from right across Sydney since it opened late last year.

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Here’s a Radically Different Looking Bike Shop

As you can see from the photos below, Omafiets is not your typical Australian bicycle shop. Their location would not look out of place as the set for some sort of crime thriller. Their mix of stock is also unusual, but evidenced by their growing premises and staff numbers, it seems to be working.

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Lapierre Zesty TR 529 Review

Lapierre was one of the first companies to really get it right for aggressive trail riders; in particular the Zesty range of bikes has won accolades and garnered praise for many years now, with its ability to both climb and descend with equal measures of ease and self-assurance. In 2013 we saw the advent of the optional ‘E:i’ intelligent electronic shock—as reviewed in Mountain Biking Australia Aug/Sept/Oct 2013. For 2014 the range was further split into two distinct line-ups; the 27.5-inch wheeled Zesty AM with 150mm travel and the 120mm Zesty TR 29er.

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One Wide Ride

Do wide rims have merit for general trail riding or are they just for downhillers and those who want to run big, burly tyres? Michael Hanslip puts them to the test. 

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Industry Insider

Brent ‘Huggie’ Burrows – the man behind the MTB line-up at Avanti Bicycles – chats about bike design and future trends.

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