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Masterclass: Climb Like an Angel

We all know riders who relish it when the road begins to tilt skyward. They may not necessarily be built like whippets, and in some cases they may not even be that great at climbing, but they seem to enjoy it nonetheless. Wouldn’t that be nice – to surge forward with anticipation when a brutal climb lurks around the next bend instead of clinging desperately to the bars and praying that it won’t last forever?

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The Time-Poor Cyclist

As a coach, the most common feedback I get when things are not going according to plan is “I just don’t have enough time! No time for interval training, for stretching, for recovery rides, for gym sessions, for massages – I’m lucky if I can get on my bike three or four times a week!”

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Chocolate Foot at Wingelo

A foggy start with clear and confident winners at Wingello

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On The Rivet: No Holds Barred in the Bunch

Always open to information on current performance enhancement methods, endo explores a new cross training fad.

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A Life Behind Bars: Jackson Law

Bicycling Australia has been chatting with national road series athletes to get some tips on how we can all ride better and smarter. This edition, we catch up with the sensational Jackson Law, who joins Subaru NSW’s development team in the NRS this year.

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Ashlee Ankudinoff

As we continue our popular series focussing on national road series athletes in 2015, we caught up with the multi- disciplined former triathlete, Specialized Securitor 2014 NRS guest rider and track sensation Ashlee Ankudinoff.  

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Getting rich, quick...

Chris Froome calling his participation in this year’s Tour de France “uncertain” is about as rich as one of Nigella Lawson's chocolate mud cakes.

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The Hour Has Com... And Gone

After decades of virtual silence on the hour record front, (in UCI legal spec at least) there has been a flurry of activity.

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Haussler’s Bike

Haussler now aged 30, was born in Inverell NSW in 1984, before chasing his cycling career in Germany and subsequently returning to Australia some 10 years later. At 5’10” (1.79m) Haussler races at around 72-74kg. His Scott Foil is a size 54cm weighing 7.15kg. He has previously ridden for the now defunct Cervelo Test team, Garmin Cervelo, and is currently with IAM Cycling.

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Felt Z4 Disc Review

The rise of carbon fibre frames over the last couple of decades has seen continual evolution and improvement in the relative stiffness, weight, and rigidity of frames.

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