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World Class MTB Park Near Sydney - Get Behind It!

Just over an hour south of Sydney, the city of Wollongong may be on the verge of a breakthrough. If hopes come to fruition, this coastal town could rival the likes of Queenstown or Whistler as a world class MTB destination, but the plan needs your help to get it off the ground.

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Two Wheel Obsession

Cycling is widely used as a cross-training exercise by sportsmen and women from various other disciplines as part of their regular training regimes. Even if only occasionally, swapping 200kw for 0.2kw may seem a retrograde step for real rev-heads, but Honda’s Johnny Rea has found the path to enlightenment on his pushbike. Eamon Fitzpatrick caught up with the World Superbike rider to find out more.

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Real Food Riding

Our bodies need fuel to perform and optimising your food intake can make a big difference in how long you last on a big or strenuous ride. After all, there are few things worse than going ‘hunger flat’ mid-ride—those who’ve been there will understand.

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Cycling and Surviving India

For all its beauty and diversity, India is notoriously difficult to tour by bicycle. The combination of language barriers, cultural differences, health risks, climatic extremes, insane traffic and the ‘people factor’ has brought many bicycle tourists to the end of their tether. This is how I survived my six months there.  

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2015 Capital Punishment MTB Enduro

Capital Punishment MTB Enduro -

Saturday 7 March 2015

50 and 100km


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Giant Defy Advanced Sl 0 Review

Now in its seventh year the Defy has been rebuilt from ground up with all new tube shapes, an integrated seatpost (ISP), new wheels and even new graphics. Arguably the biggest change for the Defy is the inclusion of Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes. The endurance oriented geometry of the bike however remains unchanged, as Giant has determined this to be ideal for the endurance road category.

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Pilot's Licence

Each year a small but select group of elite track cyclists park their solo ambitions to achieve something very special alongside someone who, quite literally, couldn’t do it without them. Peter Maniaty recently spoke with South Australia’s Steph Morton to explore the inspirational role and motivations of a sighted pilot in a Paralympic track tandem.

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Chain Torque

Calculating the correct chain length is a critical and there’s more to it than you may think—especially if you ride a dually. This step-by-step rundown will help you avoid a drivetrain calamity. 

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Growing Up Fast....

There’s a saying sometimes used in elite sport ‘if you’re good enough you’re old enough’. But in road cycling where professional careers can routinely run well into a rider’s 30s or even 40s Peter Maniaty asks, what’s the big hurry? 

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KTM Scarp Review

If you’re looking for a big thumping motocross bike, KTM may be amongst the first brands that come to mind, but it’s pretty safe to say that the same doesn’t apply if you’re after a non-motorised off-roader. Even so the Austrian motorbike maker seems to keep finding its logo plonked under my smelly mountain biker’s body. This is the third KTM that we’ve reviewed in the last couple of years—at this rate I’ll be on a motorbike before I know it! It certainly seems that the cycling side of the KTM brand is growing at a healthy rate, and they now have a number of dealers in every Australian state.

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