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World Class MTB Park Near Sydney - Get Behind It!

Just over an hour south of Sydney, the city of Wollongong may be on the verge of a breakthrough. If hopes come to fruition, this coastal town could rival the likes of Queenstown or Whistler as a world class MTB destination, but the plan needs your help to get it off the ground.

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Enigma Excel Titanium Review

In an age of carbon ubiquity no titanium bicycle could be considered run-of-the-mill. Even so the Enigma Excel is far from your run-of-the-mill titanium bicycle. Peter Maniaty explains why.

20th January 2015 · Leave a Comment · More »

Kuota Kharma Review

Kuota is not one of the best known names in the cycling world, but the Italian brand offers an extensive range of bikes across a range of disciplines.  Luke Meers took the Kuota Kharma for a spin to see how it performs.

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Boreas Bootlegger Pack

Boreas, a small outdoor gear company out of San Francisco, has launched into the Australian market with their uniquely designed packs and tents specifically aimed at adventure enthusiasts, urban dwellers and outdoor lovers. Boreas designers have collectively worked with some of the world’s most recognised outdoor brands including The North Face, Eddie Bauer and First Ascent, and their gear does have a funky good look about it. 

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High Sierra Endeavour Duffel Bag

Part of the Samsonite company, High Sierra has been making luggage for over 30 years. Their Endeavour range includes backpacks and duffel bags like the 87cm Endeavour reviewed here. Capable of holding 82 litres the bag is good for a couple of weeks’ casual travelling; i.e. you’ll need a separate suit bag as well if you have more formal engagements planned.

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Buzzybee 2 Bike Rack

It seems there are plenty of solutions on the market for carrying bikes by car either via roof rack or towball mounted hitch. Unfairly and ignobly named, the Buzzybee 2 is one of the cradle species in the latter genus. The Buzzybee is certainly worthy of consideration if you’re looking for a towball mounted rack.

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Thule Transition Bike Box

Taking part in organised cycling events either across town, interstate or internationally, can be rewarding and fun. Where you can’t ride to the start line, you need to arrange transporting your bike and riding gear. Another less palatable option is to hire a bike at your destination which is a bit of a lottery in terms of quality, fit and feel. The model you want may not be available, the gears may not be 100% or you may have a wheel that grabs during braking; it can really take the shine off your ride experience. 

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Travel Gear: Opsrey Exos 38

The Opsrey Exos 38 is a lightweight pack recommended for backpacking and day hiking and not primarily designed for cycling. That’s not to say it won’t work for cyclists, and in a cycling context I was able to trial the Exos during my commute to and from work. I transferred all my gear from my messenger style shoulder bag to the backpack, threw it on and off I went. The first ride didn’t go too well.

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Giro Factor ACC Shoes

Giro’s range begins at the helmet and runs all the way down to the foot. As far as contact points go, a shoe has got to be the toughest to get right. It must combine elements of fit and comfort in the same way as a saddle, have breathable and durable materials like a piece of clothing, incorporate technical elements such as ratchets and buckles, and then have a look that meets the approval of a fussy clothing connoisseur. As a relative newcomer to footwear, Giro has taken on a big task. 

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